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Hit Die d8
Skills 2 + INT
Proficiencies None
Class Skills Concentration, Disguise, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge: Nature, Knowledge: Relgion, Survival, Swim
Feats Great Fortitude, Toughness, Weapon Focus in a Stormlord weapon (Spear, Throwing axe, Dart, or Shuriken)
Other Saving Throws: Fortitude +4, Able to cast 3rd-level divine spells.

Source: Complete Divine
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"Talos the Destroyer embodies the uncaring and destructive forces of nature that may strike at any time. Stormlords are the chief agents of the Destroyer's wrath, inflicting destructive rampages wherever they wander in order to spread word of his endless fury. Talos cares only that they call up a storm or engage in a spectacular act of violence every tenday or so."

Most stormlords are clerics, druids, or cleric/sorcerers, although other class combinations, particularly those including fighter or even barbarian, are not unknown. Wizards have their own means of destroying things, and bards rarely can generate enough force with their spells to be considered worthy by the Destroyer.

Stormlords often live as brigands, indulging their personal desires for wealth, food, luxury items, and wanton behavior as they crave random, spectacular acts of violence. They often pose as lunatics, in order to spread the word of Talos, and otherwise adopt disguises in order to scout out rich prizes to strike at.

Stormlords wield thunder and lightning like a warrior wields his sword. Because of their command of one of the most destructive aspects of nature, Stormlords are viewed with awe and fear by lesser folk, regardless of their motivation.

A Stormlord is a kind of battle cleric. The character continues to develop her divine spellcasting without any loss of spell levels or spells per day, gains several nice bonuses to certain weapons, and exceptional resistance to electrical damage. The weapon bonuses apply only to Stormlord weapons, meaning the Spear, Throwing axe, Dart, and Shuriken. Clerics tend to make the best Stormlords, but most any divine spellcasting character will be able to unlock the class.

Class Features

Level BAB Fortitude Reflex Will Special
1 +0 +2 +0 +2 +1 divine spellcasting level, Enhanced Weapons +1, Electricity Resistance 5/
2 +1 +3 +0 +3 +1 divine spellcasting level, Shock Weapon
3 +2 +3 +1 +3 +1 divine spellcasting level
4 +3 +4 +1 +4 +1 divine spellcasting level, Electricity Resistance 10/
5 +3 +4 +1 +4 +1 divine spellcasting level, Shocking Burst Weapon
6 +4 +5 +2 +5 +1 divine spellcasting level, Enhanced Weapons +2
7 +5 +5 +2 +5 +1 divine spellcasting level, Electricity Resistance 15/
8 +6/+1 +6 +2 +6 +1 divine spellcasting level, Shocking Burst and Sonic Weapon
9 +6/+1 +6 +3 +6 +1 divine spellcasting level, Enhanced Weapons +3, Electricity Immunity
10 +7/+2 +7 +3 +7 +1 divine spellcasting level, Extended Storm Avatar

Spells Per Day/Spells Known: When a new Stormlord level is gained, the character gains new spells per day as though he had gained a level in whatever divine spellcasting class gave him access to 3rd-level divine spells. If the character has more than one applicable divine spellcasting class, he must pick one to improve.

Electricity Resistance

Stormlords are granted resistance to Electrical Damage 5/- at 1st level, 10/- at 4th level, and 15/- at 7th level.

Enhanced Weapons

Stormlord weapons (Spear, Throwing axe, Dart, or Shuriken) get +1 a enhancement bonus at 1st level, +2 at 6th level, and +3 at 9th level. This enhancement bonus stacks with any enhancement bonus on the weapon, so if you have a Spear +5 you'll actually get a +8 enhancement at level 9.

Shock Weapon

At the 2nd level, a Stormlord may add 1d8 Electricity damage to their weapon for 20 rounds (if they are wielding a Stormlord weapon: Spear, Throwing Axe, Dart, or Shuriken).

Notes: this ability sometimes does not affect your weapon if it already has elemental damage on it, such as +1d6 fire damage or +2 magical damage.

The damage bonus actually gets temporarily applied to your weapon and will show up in its description when you examine it.

This ability has no limit on uses per day.

Shocking Burst Weapon

At the 5th level, Shock Weapon adds 1d8 Electrical plus an extra 2d8 on critical hits for 20 rounds.

Shocking Burst and Sonic Weapon

Same as Shocking Burst, with an added 1d8 Sonic Damage (for a total of 2d8, plus 2d8 on critical hits). Gained at 8th level.

Electricity Immunity

At the 9th level, a Stormlord is fully Immune to Electrical Damage.

Extended Storm Avatar

At the 10th level, a Stormlord may cast Storm Avatar as though Druid with caster level equal to character level with Extend Spell, once per day. This provides an increased movement speed, immunity to ranged attacks and Knockdown, +3d6 bonus electrical damage on attacks with melee weapons, and will last 1 round per character level (not class or caster level).