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"Adventurers seek gold, glory, justice, fame, power or knowledge, or perhaps other goals, some noble and some base. Each chooses a different way to achieve those goals, from brutal combat power, to mighty magic, to subtle skills. Some adventurers prevail and grow in experience, wealth and power. Others die." -- Player's Handbook

A character's class represents their profession, training, or vocation. It determines their ability to be deadly in combat, their magical abilities, effective skills, and much more.

Inside A Land Far Away, the classes available to the player are the same as those found in Neverwinter Nights 2 and its expansions, with some additions. However, there are a few cases where things may differ, whether it’s how we handle them in ALFA, or how the actual mechanics differ. Even if you are familiar with the different classes, it can't hurt to have a quick skim over the following entries. If you are not familiar with the Forgotten Realms, and Dungeon and Dragons, classes - you'll find a handful of links below which should full you in on the basics.

Additionally, NPC and creature classes are linked here. While most players may not be interested in these entries, world builders can use these classes to create content.

Character Classes

Base classes have no or loose requirements, and with few exception, anyone is able to play them. These classes give your character the ability to cast magic spells, use a two handed axes, effectively use heavy armor and shields, disarm traps, and sing inspiring ballads.

Prohibited Classes

Warlocks have been removed as a playable class for players. Existing warlocks may still be played, until death.

Prestige Classes

Prestige classes are as diverse as those who use them. Access to a faction, racial abilities, multiclassing, or specific events can qualify you for prestige classes. All Prestige Classes require written application and approval (and corresponding RP) along with meeting RP and mechanical requirements to unlock. They are still considered Exceptional Characters, except that they are exempted from the limit of 1 live character at a time per player.

A single character may have, at most, a single prestige class.