Exceptional Characters

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Ever wanted to play that Drow Priestess? Or maybe an Air Genasi servant of Talos? Perhaps that spell throwing Favored Soul has always appealed to you? Or did you always want to advance your character to specialize in a certain Prestige Class? Or perhaps you just wanted to play a local noble's son? Well, whatever it is, this is the place for you. No matter if you are new to, or a veteran of, the world of ALFA and DnD, please take a moment to read over this section.

Extraordinary PCs fall under a special rule, when it comes to character creation. Extraordinary PCs can be roughly defined as any PC concept that gives special advantages over other players (that Noble's son), or creates more work for the DM (a Drow playing in Baldur's Gate). Often this extra work may just be because the concept does not easily fit in the environment, so requires extra effort for the DM to have NPCs react so differently to the PC in question.

Should you wish to play an Extraordinary PC, you must simply send a copy of your characters bio to your server HDM. They will quickly check with the other DMs, and let you know if they have any concerns.

Below is a list of what traits are certainly counted as Extraordinary PCs. If you are unsure, it is best to check with your HDM:

Note: Prestige Classes are still considered Extraordinary PCs, except that they are exempted from the limit of 1 live character at a time per player.