Fey Heritage

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ALFA Note (IMPORTANT): Fey heritage PCs are only playable in ALFA by Extraordinary PC approval. In order to acquire this, please write up a background/biography and submit it via Forum private message to the Head Dungeon Master (HDM) or Executive Assistant Dungeon Master (EADM) of the server on which you wish to begin. You may finish rolling up the character in the meantime, but it will be unable to leave the starting area without HDM approval. Further feats along the Fey Heritage progression are disallowed in ALFA.

Type of Feat: Heritage Prerequisite: Can only take this feat at 1st level. Nonlawful Alignment.

Specifics: You are distantly descended from creatures native to the fey realms. Although this heritage is not visibly apparent, you are naturally resistant to the most common effects associated with your ancestors. +3 bonus to saves against enchantments.

Use: Automatic.