A land far away—a magical term that gives rise to mental images of exotic lands and exciting adventures. A land far away—the setting of countless fairy-tales and myriad bed-time stories. A land far away—that special place that we all go to when we need to escape the pressures and vicissitudes of life.

Welcome to A Land Far Away, a persistent world where the vast, wondrous Dungeons & Dragons™ universe takes on a life all of its own. A place where like-minded role-players of all races, cultures and creeds gather to delight in the wonder and joy of a thousand shared imaginations. A place where the raconteur holds others spellbound; a place where every decision has consequences; a place where the games unfold before your eyes.

TSM has a NEW home

FEBURARY 22 , 2021

TSM has been moved to a new Host , and seems to have all the kinks worked out at this point. 

This will allow us to continue to update content to bring you more items , creatures and placeables to enhance the visual aspect of the game.



With Wynna now HDM of TSM  expect to see more updates and changes as well as regular DMing from her and the team there.


BG has several new statics for mid level PCs  expect more and various ones in the future as well as a few more lower level ones.

There is also two  'random'  non 'giver' quests so far, found in out of the way places when exploring.

December 2018 NWN2 Updates

The Barbers on all the servers have been updated so that the newer hairstyles are now available.

BG has received several new static quests available at the Herbalist.  Take a friend.

I am working on updating the tailor so that the new clothing and accesssories will be available.  Currently the Tailor in Callidyrr has the new  Cloth  and Leather  available.  Once I have it ALL done I will update all the tailors on all the servers

AUGUST 2018 - NWN2

At this point in time the Moonshae campaign is nearing its final stages -  been 3 years running.   Once the campaign is finished Arianna will be concentrating on a bit more static content.


Baldur's Gate  game runs regularly  on Sunday night's.  7PM PST.  

Look for a few new areas and content as time passes . 

The Citadel of Strategic Militence has gotten a make over and interiors.

Tempus Tears has gotten a make over and interiors/shops

Darfleet has gotten an expansion to include the  temple / graineries  to Chauntea -

- static content to be comeing soon to these areas

AUGUST 2018 - NWN1

The updates have gone over well and both NWN1 servers,  Waterdeep and Daggerford  have updated to use the  NWN1 EE version  available via Beamdog or  Steam  for  playing the NWN1 game.    This is allowing more game content and better engine.  It still has a few bugs but  overall it seems to improve the game.

Ayergo is working hard to also update Skullport/undermountain to provide more scary places to die in. 


NWN1 Moving to new HAKs 4.0

The NWN1 servers will soon be moving to an updated set of Haks   you can find the needed down loads here :

Hak ... NmcVfDJUL-

Tlk ... m1qQWZaZmc

Download them, unpack them and put them in the appropriate folders

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