NWN1EE Downloads are found here:

As of March 2020  NWN1 EE is now hooked to NWSYNC  allowing autodownloading of any updates to haks

Hak 6.2!Ake3gszhwOX0jBHAZQVaDZVV79fb?e=aa8LN5

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Download them, unpack them and put them in the appropriate folders

Required NWN1EE files:

The file named "alfa_1_8.tlk" needs to go into your NWN1EE install directory, in a folder named "tlk" which you may need to create for this purpose. All of the 18 files starting with "ahp_" are .rar files and need to be extracted into your "hak" folder. 

Optional NWN1EE files:

The 9 files starting with "ALFA_pack_" , "APP" , "app" and "portraits" all contain optional portraits. These can be extracted into your NWN1 install directory, to a folder named "portraits". You may need to create this folder for this purpose. The music haks have been uploaded to a separate folder. Simply extract these to your "music" folder in your install directory.

Since the 1.23 update, all Player side downloads are done via the NWN2 Auto-Downloader.  Simply log into your server and NWN2 will automatically download all the haks and pwc files for you.


If you are wishing to build for ALFA, please read this page: