How Do I Join ALFA?

You can play on any of our servers up to level 3. To advance further you must fill out an application.

For the sign-up process to work properly, please be sure your login name (Gamespy ID), your forum account and the ID you chose for this website are identical.

Only use this application for NWN2 access.

Written Application

Simply click on the Sign Up Now! button, in the top right corner, to see the application thread. It may take a week to get a response. If it has been longer since you heard anything, first check your Spam Box, as emails are occasionally redirected there. If not, send an email to and we will look into the problem. You can also join our Discord server to ask any questions. The link is along the lefthand bar.

Below are some quick links you may wish to read over before sending an application in.

New players are encouraged to log in and play up to level 3 with a shiny new PC on any of our servers: Moonshae Isles, Baldur's Gate, or the Silver Marches. Those who enjoy the ALFA experience and wish to join our most excellent community can make the application through the side bar on our main page (the one you are reading right now). We are worth it!

Remember to remain in character at all time, and no running without reason. Feel free to register for the web site and join us in Discord (also found in the side bar on this page). It’s a great way to ask questions, or find a DM and other players to adventure with. We are a friendly bunch, so don't be shy.  we won't be.

The open server forum is here.

Basic lore on the MS can be found here.

For current ALFA DM’s the password can be found in the ALFA DM forums.