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Why build?

ALFA's haks have many special resources included which expand a builder's options in the toolset.

However, unless your toolset and install are configured properly, you may have trouble finding them, or your work may not turn out compatible with ALFA modules once it's finished. There are quite a few things to get straight in order to test/toolset a full-fledged Live module; but the good news is that most sorts of building can be done under much simpler conditions.

Before Starting

Remove any older Builder Override resources you may have downloaded in the past.

These may conflict with current ones and cause many problems with future building.

In order to ensure compatibility with ALFA's modules, make sure you only download materials from the ALFA website.

For most of our hak updates, we're integrating various packs of placeables, item models, tilesets, or scripted systems developed by outside members of the NWN2 community. Even though we use many of the same resources as a number of other persistent worlds, they may not work if they are from a non-ALFA source, due to some complications of how resources are read by Neverwinter Nights 2.

Item Build mod

If you just want to start learning to build custom items for your character or for others to enjoy: (clothes for your PC, shields to go into some of the shops, armor forged by your PC via use of the Craft Armor skill)

[Item build mod]

As long as your haks are up to date (connecting to any Live ALFA server will update your files), this should allow you access to all the clothing, accessory, weapon, and armor models in the ALFA haks. Note; the module will unpack as a directory; use the Open Directory option in the toolset to open it, this is the preferred method of working for ALFA's builders. This module contains a few New Item Examples, located in your Blueprints tab, Items section, under New PC Items. If you need help using the Toolset, ALFA maintains a Chat for support of builders - join #alfa2-tech for help.

Full Build mod

If you want to start building more advanced areas using the ALFA haks and some basic ABR resources, look over the Build module page.


Unpack the Builder Overrides into your /My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/override folder. Overrides can cause problems with other Persistent worlds, modules and campaigns, so use with caution! Outdated overrides can cause problems as well. The overrides ONLY need to be in place WHILE you are building for ALFA in the Toolset. I recommend keeping the ALFA Builder Overrides in their own folder within your /override folder and removing them from your /override folder at all other times. Also, remember to always clear your override folder before patching NWN2.

You should now be able to make areas including custom tilesets and placeables. Please note that ACR functions, persistency, scripts, static quests, and spawns will not function inside this building test module. These advanced functions require more complex setup, and will be covered in a separate posting.