A land far away—a magical term that gives rise to mental images of exotic lands and exciting adventures. A land far away—the setting of countless fairy-tales and myriad bed-time stories. A land far away—that special place that we all go to when we need to escape the pressures and vicissitudes of life.

Welcome to A Land Far Away, a persistent world where the vast, wondrous Dungeons & Dragons™ universe takes on a life all of its own. A place where like-minded role-players of all races, cultures and creeds gather to delight in the wonder and joy of a thousand shared imaginations. A place where the raconteur holds others spellbound; a place where every decision has consequences; a place where the games unfold before your eyes.

ALFA Core Rules Update

The ALFA tech team has released a minor version update for ALFA Core Rules. Some changes include:

  • Hammer of the Gods is split into the pen and paper spells: Holy Smite, Unholy Blight, Order's Wrath, and Chaos Hammer. PCs will need to prepare the new spells, provided they have the appropriate domain. NPCs tooled with Hammer of the Gods will see it function like an alignment-appropriate spell.
  • DMs can #sethp to heal or damage their selected target
  • DMs have collisions disabled when they log in, so they can't clip PCs
  • NPCs on the ACR AI who are instructed to fight at range will not continue to use ranged weapons in the melee
  • NPCs on the ACR AI who acquire distance between themselves and their targets can pick and equip ranged weapons
  • Holy Word, Blasphemy, Dictum, and Word of Chaos now have their PnP area of effect (40 feet, previously 30 feet)
  • Alter Self is added as an RP spell
  • Default merchant scripts are converted to play nicer with the ACR. This means aappraise should function in fewer places.
  • Horses should try to remember how many hit points they have when they're mounted, and return to that many hit points when dismounted.

Additionally, we have the following bufixes:

  • Tumble no longer provides a synergy bonus to alchemy
  • Players can no longer equip the brown horse ownership item
  • ACR Item pricing counts pure silver weapons as automatically masterwork

Tech Admin Vote of Confidence, May 2014

Elections for the position of Technical Administrator are underway.

Zelknolf, our current tech admin, is running again. You may read her platform here, and voice your vote of confidence here.

All administrators, dungeon masters, and staff heads may vote in this election.

Tech Admin Self-Nominations, May 2014

If you would like to run for Technical Administrator for the next six months, please post your self-nomination, as well as a platform.

Due to some confusion, this election is being run a week late.

The Head Dungeon Master Shuffle

We have had a change of hands for the Head Dungeon Masters for Baldur's Gate and the Western Heartlands.

Please welcome Ronan as the new HDM of Western Heartlands, and thank departing HDM Teric for his service.

Please welcome shad0wfax as the new HDM of Baldur's Gate, and thank departing HDM HEEGZ for his service.

Latest Client Extension replaces Gamespy functionality!

The latest CE version, which was recently released, adds back the in-game server browser that went offline when GameSpy went down. ALFA and a large number of other PWs are listed in the new server browser. We are listed under the Role Play section.

You can download it here. Recommended for DMs, too, since it has a DM client crash bug fix in the change log.

To use, extract the zip contents to a folder of your choice, and then run the included NWLauncher.exe to start the game. (I recommend making a shortcut on your desktop to NWLauncher to do that.) Remember to use NWLauncher.exe each time to continue using the CE.

You can also use Zelknolf's server monitor to view the same server list used by the CE from your desktop.

For ALFA servers, as an additional reminder, you can connect to any online server and you will be automatically moved to your "home" server by seamless portal (provided you do not cancel out of the portal message in quarantine). This will also update the most recent direct connect IP to point to your home server as an added bonus.

Credit to Skywing and our very own Foam (and any others who were involved).

Moonshaes Open Season

The Moonshaes server 009 is now open to the public and will be from 15 December to 15 Janurary.

Our land is beautiful, the life it gives us is good. How could it be otherwise? The land is the Goddess. But the Goddess serves the Balance, and as goodness grows in power, so must evil have its day. Wherefore all who live in the Moonshaes have felt the bite of evil as it rises again and again to threaten us.

What can vanquish it, for a time?  The forces of good.  And what are they?  They have a thousance faces and a thousand names.  We call them heroes.  -Andabbar Meihklann, Bard of the Snows

Welcome to the Moonshaes Isles, or the isleas as they are commonly called by their inhabitants, where light and dark struglle for dominance in a never ending conflict.  Here various human and demihuman cultures meet, sometimes warring, sometimes living in peace.

Existing ALFA members as well as the general NWN2 population are encouraged to log in and play with a shiny new PC. New players who enjoy the ALFA experience and wish to join our most excellent community can make the application through the side bar on our main page (the one you are reading right now). We are worth it!

Remember to remain in character at all time, and no running without reason. Feel free to register for the web site and join us in IRC chat (also found in the side bar on this page). It’s a great way to ask questions, or find a DM and other players to adventure with. We are a friendly bunch, so don't be shy.  we won't be.

To log in use the direct connect function in NWN2.  Type in (then connect!)

FAQ for the open server can be found here.

The open server forum is here.

Basic lore on the MS can be found here.

For current ALFA DM’s the password can be found in the ALFA DM forums.

For current ALFA players who wish to DM during open season please ask MS HDM Castano.

(Some links will not be usable be those who have not registered for the ALFA website/forums - so please do so)


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