Latest Client Extension replaces Gamespy functionality!

The latest CE version, which was recently released, adds back the in-game server browser that went offline when GameSpy went down. ALFA and a large number of other PWs are listed in the new server browser. We are listed under the Role Play section.

You can download it here. Recommended for DMs, too, since it has a DM client crash bug fix in the change log.

To use, extract the zip contents to a folder of your choice, and then run the included NWLauncher.exe to start the game. (I recommend making a shortcut on your desktop to NWLauncher to do that.) Remember to use NWLauncher.exe each time to continue using the CE.

You can also use Zelknolf's server monitor to view the same server list used by the CE from your desktop.

For ALFA servers, as an additional reminder, you can connect to any online server and you will be automatically moved to your "home" server by seamless portal (provided you do not cancel out of the portal message in quarantine). This will also update the most recent direct connect IP to point to your home server as an added bonus.

Credit to Skywing and our very own Foam (and any others who were involved).