ALFA Core Rules Update

The ALFA tech team has released a minor version update for ALFA Core Rules. Some changes include:

  • Hammer of the Gods is split into the pen and paper spells: Holy Smite, Unholy Blight, Order's Wrath, and Chaos Hammer. PCs will need to prepare the new spells, provided they have the appropriate domain. NPCs tooled with Hammer of the Gods will see it function like an alignment-appropriate spell.
  • DMs can #sethp to heal or damage their selected target
  • DMs have collisions disabled when they log in, so they can't clip PCs
  • NPCs on the ACR AI who are instructed to fight at range will not continue to use ranged weapons in the melee
  • NPCs on the ACR AI who acquire distance between themselves and their targets can pick and equip ranged weapons
  • Holy Word, Blasphemy, Dictum, and Word of Chaos now have their PnP area of effect (40 feet, previously 30 feet)
  • Alter Self is added as an RP spell
  • Default merchant scripts are converted to play nicer with the ACR. This means aappraise should function in fewer places.
  • Horses should try to remember how many hit points they have when they're mounted, and return to that many hit points when dismounted.

Additionally, we have the following bufixes:

  • Tumble no longer provides a synergy bonus to alchemy
  • Players can no longer equip the brown horse ownership item
  • ACR Item pricing counts pure silver weapons as automatically masterwork