ACR Release Notes v1.92

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Automated Updates

  • Servers order to hotfix ACR changes will accomplish the task using temporary file paths instead of doing so inside of the HAKs directory.


  • ACR Spawns now read a called ACR_COLOR_NAME which will set the color of the creature's name to the string value of the string. Anything that functions inside of <C=[this spot]>Name</C> is valid for use.

New Models

System Changes

  • The ACR now includes a few levels of griefer protection. Obvious use of cheats that can be quickly detected on login will cause the affected character to be booted and the player banned. Additionally, obviously-cracked or stolen copies of NWN2 are also so treated. Finally, Admin can set servers into an emergency anti-griefing state which prevents non-members from bringing new characters into play.
  • A couple vulnerabilities that could be exploited with GUI overrides are closed.
  • The Client Extension's DM Scry now only polls every 2 minutes, if a DM has DM Scry on (though tech continues to recommend that DMs not default DM Scry to on, as it is very expensive. If you're not using it, please leave it off.)
  • Automatic systems now reset the server's difficulty to D&D Hardcore rules regularly.
  • @aby is the shortcut for Abyssal now, whereas it used to erroneously cause one to speak Assassin.
  • The ACR is capable of hotfixing new specs for the autodownloader.
  • Random loot of low value will prefer non-magical gear, instead of high-value bags, which will tend to produce a lot of magic consumables.
  • ACR Item pricing won't attempt to adjust an item's price if none is necessary. (we hope this should make individually-worthless items in stacks from being regarded as worth a lot of money).
  • The Force Rest DM command now hooks the ACR Rest system, and should be a better proxy of resting.
  • PCs who fall to negative hit points but do not trip the death floor also write an event to the logs.
  • PCs who fall to the death floor when a DM is on prompt a pause, and cause a message sent to the DM channel explaining the pause as the result of a PC falling.
  • A previous bug where the Trade Scroll system could come to believe that the wizard creating the trade scroll didn't know the scroll he was creating is now corrected, making the creation of trade scrolls more reliable.
  • Trade scrolls of ID 0 can no longer be created. Related, Acid Fog is no longer ID 0, and ID of 0 can be generally understood as no spell.
  • Calculations for character size affecting skill rolls now correctly apply 4 points of swing for each size category off of medium.
  • Lore is no longer a feature in ALFA. Instead, a character may identify scrolls and potions with the Spellcraft skill, or the Identify spell. See Identifying Items for details.
  • Our hair vanity pallets have been expanded to take into account more of our content. Barbers will be able to offer a wider variety of options. Additionally, characters may opt to go bald through a barber.
  • The new player conversation should more-reliably fire on a PC's first login.
  • Power Attack now operates at a granular level, allowing users of power attack to adjust their attack bonus by 1-5 points, and Improved Power Attack allows 6-10 points. Like Combat Expertise, both feats are capped by the character's base attack bonus.
  • Persistent Storage should avoid a specific race condition wherein we could write to a folder marked for deletion.

Feat Changes

  • The Artist feat now provides the 3 extra uses of Bardic Music that it promises, and provides +2 to all of the ALFA-custom Perform skills, instead of +2 to the Obsidian Perform and Diplomacy skills.
  • Skill Foci in RP skills now provide a bonus which can be read by scripts and reads on the character sheet.

Spell Changes

Class Changes

Help Text Changes



We released a fix to Power Attack and Improved Power Attack, allowing the feats to use their correct names, icons, and prerequisites.


  • Rideable Horses.
  • The Paladin Mount class ability
  • A fix to Barbarian Fast Movement, such that it no longer functions on encumbered barbarians or barbarians in heavy armor
  • A more-elegant fix to previously-existing moverate fixes, such that players no longer need to log out and back in again to have their moverates corrected
  • The removal of a number of heads introduced in v1.92 which were obviously unusable
  • Fix to one-handed Bastard Sword and Dwarven Waraxe use
  • The DM requests queue (accessed by players upon entering #dm followed by a message, appearing on a queue on the bottom right).


  • Fix to allow Dwarves to use Dwarven Waraxes one-handed with the martial weapon proficiency, and to remove the free proficiency from Dwarves.
  • Fix to mounted Planetouched PCs.
  • Fixes to make sure that Paladins can only summon one warhorse at a time.


  • Horses should remember who their owners are if they're mounted and dismounted more than once.
  • Icons and talk table entries for horse feats
  • Fixed persistent location
  • Also for horses
    • Related: horses respawn next to the PC when we don't know where they go, as will be the case the first time you log in this update. It's thus possible that the horse spawns in the start area during the brief moment you're there before you get restored to your persistent location-- this should be a one-time problem, resolved once locations save again. If you're in this situation, you need a DM's help to get back.
  • Collection-type quests (e.g. herbs, animal skins) now count stack size when the collected objects are stacks of objects (so hunting two bears is now worth more than hunting one bear)
  • Frenzied Berzerkers are available now (apparently DMA allowed them a while ago and I missed it), with a max level of 5 and their default NWN2 prerequisites. Plus validation from a DM, obv.
  • Gnomes and Halflings with non-default movement rates, or who have recently dismounted a horse, are no longer considered medium creatures.
  • The acr_notifications_i popup that DMs receive after using #ifs, #ifl, or #not now includes a list of the PCs who got the message and a list of the PCs who failed the check.
  • Bardic Fascinate uses the same checks as the other bard songs to determine if one has adequate ranks in perform.
  • The #dm command checks for #dm instead of #d
  • DMs can set the descriptions of objects by entering "#setdesc <description>" into the chat window, with the object they wish to modify selected


  • Players can no longer equip the brown horse ownership item
  • DMs can #sethp to heal or damage their selected target
  • Tumble no longer provides a synergy bonus to alchemy
  • DMs have collisions disabled when they log in, so they can't clip PCs
  • NPCs on the ACR AI who are instructed to fight at range will not continue to use ranged weapons in the melee
  • NPCs on the ACR AI who acquire distance between themselves and their targets can pick and equip ranged weapons
  • ACR Item pricing counts pure Silver weapons as automatically masterwork
  • Holy Word, Blasphemy, Dictum, and Word of Chaos now have their PnP area of effect (40 feet, previously 30 feet)
  • Alter Self is added as an RP spell
  • Hammer of the Gods is split into the pen and paper spells: Holy Smite, Unholy Blight, Order's Wrath, and Chaos Hammer -- PCs will need to prepare the new spells, provided they have the appropriate Domain. NPCs tooled with Hammer of the Gods will see it function like an alignment-appropriate spell.
  • Default merchant scripts are converted to play nicer with the ACR
  • Horses should try to remember how many hit points they have when they're mounted, and return to that many hit points when dismounted.


  • The problem with SetHitPoints behaving oddly, as recorded in the last changelog, is corrected. SetHitPoints should now actually try to place the creature's current hit points to its argument
  • The Touch Attack monster feat now accommodates Allips (doing wisdom drain until driving their target insane) and Greater Shadows (doing 1d8 strength damage until it kills their target). The string values of "ACR_TOUCH_ATTACK" are "ALLIP" and "GREATER SHADOW" respectively.
  • The OOC horse appearance item should now weigh a little less, to help mitigate its brutal OOCness.
  • ACR_Candlekeep now stores information about all base item types, which the ALFA.Shared assembly can provide on request.
  • NPCs on the ACR AI are now better at identifying which items in their inventories are actually weapons, and should no longer attempt to wield non-weapons as weapons.
  • Slain monsters now modify their loot dropped by x4 (for very-poor parties), x2 (for poor parties), x1 (for near-target-wealth parties), x0.5 (for rich parties), x0.2 (for very-rich parties; decimal truncation is the reason this is not in practice 0.25). Parties containing members who are above the wealth cutoff will receive no loot for killing monsters.
  • The acr_wealth_i library provides ACR_CalculateMultiplier(object oPC) and ACR_CalculateCombatMultiplier(object oPC), if module-specific content wishes to work with these systems.
  • A bug that could cause incorporeal creatures to still drop corporeal things is corrected.
  • NPCs who slay other NPCs will not prompt the dropping of loot.


  • Followup rollout fixes a crash when creatures on the new AI would call to one another for help but not know what to d* o.
  • Fix cases where stacks of nonmagical special material ammunition would be grossly-overpriced.
  • Dragon disciples need 8 ranks of knowledge (arcana) instead of 8 ranks of Lore. (but, due to the mechanics available with the engine, Red and Gold dragon disciples are the only options that work right).
  • Fixed (greater) shadow touch attacks, which were healing strength damage caused by other shadows this last week.


  • Custom poisons work now.
  • A fix that makes the Set Description button on PC tools call up the same GUI for editing as the context menu when brought up on oneself (that is, the one that works).
  • Creatures on BEHAVIOR_TYPE_FLANK should now try to backstab nearby people who are beating up their friends instead of attempting opportunistic strikes on distant foes (as that tends to mean doing dumb things like running through tangled melee and drawing AoOs, or drawing a ranged weapon and drawing AoOs).