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The ACR (ALFA Core Rules) is the set of scripts which run ALFA servers. It is primarily made up of complex systems that interact with the game and alter NWN to meet our specific needs. The object of the ACR is to bring NWN as close to the Pen and Paper role playing experience as possible and to facilitate the administration of the game for DMs and admins alike. Exceptions exist wherever the demands of a real time game or limitations in the engine create a significant balance problem-- the tech team handles these designs on an individual basis, and will attempt to emulate pen and paper as closely as is feasible for the environment of our play.

In order to compile the ACR, or a module using the ACR, builders and scripters will need Skywings Script Compiler [1].

ACR Scripts

Like the name might indicate, they are the meat and bones of the ACR. These files are located in HAKs, and cannot be changed by individual server teams. Should a team need to alter one of these files, they should contact the ALFA Tech staff via our forums.

All ACR scripts begin with the 'acr_' prefix. Any scripts which begin with an underscore are considered private and should not be included by any server-side script. It is expected that ACR scripts will be included and used locally by server teams for various purposes. Functions, constants, or variables prefixed with an underscore within the ACR are considered private, which means they should only be accessed within the script itself (ie nothing external to it). Using these locally within custom scripts may break the ACR. Functions, constants, or variables prefixed with "ACR_" are considered public, which means they can [and were designed to] be accessed by any script from anywhere, including local scripts created by a server team.

Configuration Files

These files begin with the 'acf_' prefix and are used to configure the ACR to a server team's needs. They are only issued with the ALFA Base Module, and are never updated or changed by ACR updates. That means any customization a server has done in these files will never be overwritten.

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