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Resting will only be permitted in specific rest areas. Rest areas are defined with special triggers for both interiors and exteriors, the boundaries of which can extend to the limits of an entire area, if so desired. How small or how large a rest area will be is entirely up to each builder. There are no superficial limits.

Please Note: The Area Property "No Resting Allowed" must be set to False. If No Resting Allowed = True, a Rest Area Trigger will not function.


See also: Using Local Variables

Each rest area trigger should have the following options defined.

ACR_REST_ZONE (integer) 
Represents one of two possible states:
Value Meaning
1 Interior rest zone
2 Exterior rest zone
ACR_REST_BONUS (integer) 
Represents a heal bonus as a percentage of Hit Dice (x% * Hit Dice) that resting players will heal on a successful rest. This healing is in addition to normal rates gained from resting as well as any bonuses earned from medicinal items.
Represents a disease that is spread at the specified rest zone along with its DC to save. The format of this variable is X.YY, where X is an integer value representing the disease ID (from disease.2da) and YY is the two digit difficulty class of the disease for saving throw purposes.
NOTE: Disease IDs begin at 0, so in the absence of any disease at the rest zone, be sure that ACR_REST_DISEASE_CHANCE is 0 (delete the variable entirely or set the value to 0).
Example: A value of 4.15 will have a DC16 fortitude save, where a failure results in contracting Filth Fever.
Represents the percentage chance that the disease at the rest zone will be contracted. The default is 0, which means no chance for contraction exists.


To create medicinal items that apply a straight healing bonus on successful rest, create an item with the tag abr_it_mi_medicine. This will invoke a script of the same name, which applies the healing properties of the item on the next rest cycle.


Each medicinal item should have the following options defined.

Represents a straight heal bonus in hit points that resting players will heal on a successful rest. This is typically reserved for items who's properties work in tandem with resting.