Dungeon Master Manual

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A manual for Dungeon Masters.

DM Guidelines


See also: Standards

Foundations of DMing

DM Client and Tool Tutorials

DM Tools

  • ACR Creator - A replacement for the stock NWN2 creator, for placing down creatures, placeables, traps, and more.
  • ACR Chooser - A replacement for the stock NWN2 chooser, for finding and managing areas and objects.
  • ACR Traps - A replacement for the stock NWN2 trap system.
  • ACR Player Report - A tool to see vital information on a player.
  • ACR Inventory Report - A tool to view and modify a creature's inventory.
  • ACR Loot Generator - A tool to quickly create standard-compliant, randomly generated loot, without the need of opening the toolset.