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Active DMs

Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate's HDM is currently shad0wfax, with EADM Arianna.

  • shad0wfax - (US based)
  • Arianna - (US based)

The Silver Marches

The Silver Marches' HDM is currently Wynna, with EADM None.

  • Wynna - By appointment (US based)
  • Paazin - By appointment (US based)
  • Tamlin - By appointment (US based)
  • mick - By appointment (US based)
  • Dergon - By appointment (US based)

Moonshae Isles

The Moonshae Isles' HDM is currently Arianna, with EADM None.

  • Arianna (HDM) - (US based)

Western Heartlands [NO LONGER ACTIVE

The Western Heartland's HDM is currently Ronan.

  • Adanu - Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays 10:00 PM EST+, The sunday slot is my main campaign and restricted to authorized PCs (PM for invite).
  • boombrakh - By appointment
  • DarkHin - Ascension Campaign - Wed nights 8pm pst (US based)
  • kiyoti - By appointment
  • Ronan - By appointment (US based)
  • Teric - By appointment (Euro based)


ALFA has a four-tiered structure for Dungeon Masters.

Head Dungeon Master (HDM)

HDMs are the stewards of servers, entrusted by ALFA with the responsibility for their administration. Ultimately, HDM have the ability to shape servers in their own image, while operating within the broader context of ALFA; they have either discretion or influence over their team members and server design and content. This is a demanding and rewarding role, for HDMs will find that a significant amount of their time is spent on matters of management, be it supervising plot developments, overseeing DM training, or resolving disputes. HDMs are entitled to vote in all Administrator elections. HDMs also have a special responsibility for approving exceptional PCs, for upholding the principles of the ALFA Charter, and scrutinizing any proposed changes. The DM Administrator, to whom they are accountable for their server and DM team, appoints HDMs.

Executive Assistant DM (EADM)

An EADM is a server's second in command, selected by the server HDM to assist in server maintenance and to make decisions when the HDM is unavailable. The extent of an EADM's responsibilities is up to the HDM/EADM team. EADMs serve at the HDM's pleasure.

Dungeon Master (DM)

DMs make up the bulk of ALFA’s DM corps. DMs have full authority to develop and run their own sessions and plots, reward PCs, manage Prestige Classes, and generally go about the time-honored business of a DM, subject only to the supervision of their HDM and any particular requirements laid down by the DM Administrator. DMs are also enfranchised to vote for the Lead, Technical, and DM Administrators, allowing them to help shape the direction taken by the DM corps, and ALFA as a whole.

Provisional Dungeon Master (PDM)

A Provisional DM is a DM who is new to the NWN2 DM Client or to the ranks of ALFA DMing. PDMs will be considered as DMs-In-Training and will be limited in what they are allowed to do without the immediate supervision of a full ALFA DM. PDMs may not spawn creatures or mobs greater than Challenge Rating 3 (CR3). They may not assist PCs in making alterations on their characters without HDM pre-approval (i.e., Diety or alignment changes, level rollbacks, etc.) They must show they understand the use of the ALFA DM XP widget before they can award Session XP. No GP or item awards over 500gp are permitted. All session XP and GP awards must be documented in the PDM's appropriate Journal thread in the server DM forum. They may bring only mundane items (non-magical) into the game on their avatars, and must submit copies of all item blueprints brought in to a mod to the HDM, EADM, or Server Maintainer before doing so. The server HDM is responsible for overseeing the training of all PDMs, including training in the mechanics of the DM Client, server lore, and current plots, and in the knowledge of ALFA Standards. When the server HDM feels a PDM is ready to take on the full responsibilties of an ALFA DM, she will so inform the DMA of the readiness of the candidate, and upon the DMA's approval, the PDM will be promoted to Full ALFA DM status. There is no time limit on how long training may take. PDMs are not eligible to vote in DMA, IA, or TA elections.