Baldur's Gate (Server)

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BG Area Map
Baldur's Gate
HDM shad0wfax
EADM Arianna
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Not to be confused with city of Baldur's Gate. This article is about the server.

The server of Baldur's Gate is centered geographically with the Sword Coast and Sea of Swords to the west. It extends as far north as the Fields of the Dead, and as far south as the Cloud Peaks. Eastern areas include Durlag's Tower and the Wood of Sharp Teeth.


Cities and Structures

Baldur's Gate contains the following notable areas, which can be traveled on mainly by route of the Trade Way:



The current Head Dungeon Master is shad0wfax, with executive assistant Arianna. Current BG DMs include:

  • shad0wfax - (US based)
  • Arianna - (US based)

If you wish to DM on BG please contact the HDM before applying. BG DMs are expected to abide by all ALFA and BG house rules. Additionally, DMs should have a working knowledge of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and three Core Rulebooks: Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual.

House Rules

Main article: Baldur's Gate House Rules

A house rule is a difference in practice between an individual server and ALFA in general. See the main article for full details. Some rules provide guidelines for increasing wealth and experience rewards for new (1st/2nd level) characters,and allow new characters to submit bios for a small boost in experience.