Player Groups

Below are a list of Player Groups in ALFA.  What you'll find is a brief description of what the group is about, what sort of characters they're suited for, as well as a Player Contact.  If you are interested in joining any of these groups, shoot a PM on the forums to the listed contact and they will try and arrange something with you.

 Dwarves of the North
Small group of dwarves, of varying alignment and class, playing mainly US evenings, but also the occasional Euro player.  If you're interested at all drop Danielmn a PM.

Team Bane
Team Bane is for Lawful Evil applicants who want to do be more then the normal RAAGH EVIL, but would prefer a more honorable and cultured feel to their evilness. Right now mainly American evenings with some nice DM coverage.  Feel free to contact Vendrin about this one.

Silverymoon University
The Silverymoon university isn't a "team" per se, but has enough scripted content to keep budding wizards (and the occasional sorcerer, cleric, or bard) entertained for quite some time (gold for tuition allowing). A DM'd campaign of some sort is also rumored to be in the near future for the University, so it's a good time to get involved. The primary DM for the University (EADM Wynna) tends to be around in Euro times as well as some US evenings. Plenty of material for RP around orientation, veiled indirect advice for the scripted classes, tradescroll exchanges, and the neverending search for the necessary income to continue the curriculum.  Contact Wynna or AcadiusLost.

Triple B
The Triple B player group on TSM is open to new players of a roguish inclination. We play US East Coast nights and have regular DM support.  Please contact oldgreyrogue for details

House Invincible
A Helm worshipping group, based mainly out of Silverymarches.  Team Helm plays mostly Euro evenings and early evenings US time.  Contact dergon darkhelm for more details.

If you want any general information about Player Groups in ALFA, or have one that is not listed here, please contact Rotku.