Finding a Place to Play

Finding a good server and a group to play can often be one of the most chanllenging things for new members when coming to ALFa.  Do they have a similar playing style to you?  Do they play in similar timezones?  Will their character's have similar goals and motivations as your own?  Below you will find a few tips put together by some of our members to help you find a good place to start yourself.

One good way of getting an idea of where or what to play is taking a look at each of our servers.  Feel free to check out our server page in the forums for details on each of our current Live servers including some information about the location and their DM Times.

Another approach is to take a look at the different Player Groups available.  Our Player Group page has a list of active player groups as well as a contact detail for each group.

Third, you can check the forums for campaign groups.  These are organized groups of players that meet under the same DM once a week or more and play a more table-top style game.  You can find about about these in the forums OR ask about them in the IRC chat.