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A Land Far Away exists through a dedicated community willing to help see it progress. If you wish to help the project thrive, consider helping where you feel comfortable.


Our game is nothing if not for our builders and Dungeon Masters. DMs should get in contact with their desired server's HDM, and see the Dungeon Master Manual. Potential builders may find the Technical Manual useful.

Even an hour or two a week is worthwhile.


The ALFA Tech Team are charged with the progression and maintenance of ALFA Core Rules, the ALFA Campaign Folder, and ALFA Base Resources. See the Technical Manual for tutorials, and visit #alfa-tech in IRC Chat for assistance. Those wishing to contribute should get in contact with the Technical Administrator.


"The number one rule of wiki editing is to be bold. Go ahead - make changes. Other people can correct any mistakes you make, so have confidence, and give it a try! There are all kinds of editing conventions, rules, and philosophies for the editing of wiki pages, but the "be bold" rule is the most important of these!" -- MediaWiki Help

Those wishing to help with the wiki project may simply do so. The wiki may be edited by any member.

Red links appearing on pages are links to articles that do not yet exist. Clicking these will have you create these pages. Pages in the Articles Needing Attention category require aid in one form or another. See the MediaWiki Help page for tips and instructions on how to use the wiki to its fullest potential.

See the list of Wanted Pages for what content is currently requested, but not fleshed out.

This wiki uses a variety of its own templates. For a list of all in-use templates, see Templates.

Additionally, these areas that could use work, based on member feedback:

  • DM reward tables.
  • Quest and monster kill limits.
  • Crafting how-to

Financial Aid

Donations can be sent via PayPal to Our Financial Logs are publicly available. ALFA's costs are minimal, and every dollar goes a long way.