Setting Up MySQL Workbench

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The MySQL Workbench is a utility that allows HDMs and the tech team to access and edit the database using their credentials. With this utility you can access and modify the backend that makes A Land Far Away persistent, such as search logs and quest variables.


The Workbench requires the following components before installation:

Once the both of those have been installed, you can grab the workbench itself here.


Once you have the Workbench opened, configuration can be managed by taking following steps:

  • Navigate to Database -> Manage Connections, and click the New button in the lower left of the window.
  • From the Connection Method dropdown box, select Standard TCP/IP over SSH.
  • Use the SSH Username and SSH Key File provided by the Infrastructure Administrator.
  • Use the Username, Password, and Default Schema from the connection information found on the forums. This data should reflect the same information found in the mysql ini file.