Infrastructure Administrator

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The Infrastructure Administrator is in charge of the vault, IRC, FTP, and website (including both the forums, support system and wiki).

The current Infrastructure Administrator is Paazin, with elections held every March and September. The voting constituencies for the Infrastructure Administrator includes all seated administrators, all HDMs, vote-eligible Administrator Staff as defined in section 3.5 of the Charter, and all DMs.

Some other specifications:

  • Complaints submitted with the Player Admin or ALFA Representatives that are determined to concern infra offenses will be forwarded to the Infra Admin.
  • Any person who directly or indirectly divulges information from an investigation is subject to punishment by the Infra Admin.
  • ALFA DMs enjoy read-only access to the Dispute Forum. The complainant and the accused enjoy posting access, which may be substituted for read-only access if the Player Admin or Infra Admin determines that this access is being abused.
  • Formal censure is issued by the Player Admin after a formal dispute, or by the Infra Admin.
  • Chapter 6 of the ALFA Rulebook is controlled by the Infra Admin.

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