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The Lead Administrator is in charge of the oversight of administration, veto and referral authority, election oversight, and public relations. They are also responsible for resolving disputes over domain classification of any particular issue.

The current Lead Administrator is Veilan, with elections held every June and December.

Some other specifications:

  • When two or more Administrators claim formal domain over a specific issue and cannot agree on a course of action, the matter will be referred to Lead to determine the assignment of domain to one or multiple Admin. Should Lead determine that the issue belongs in the domain of multiple Admin, Lead will give those Admin a fixed period of time in which to agree on a course of action. If no consensus is reached after that time, all Admin will vote on the issue with Lead's vote carrying additional tie-breaking weight in the event of a deadlock.
  • In the event of an election tie, the sitting Lead Administrator has the deciding vote. If there is no sitting Lead Administrator, or if there is a tie in a vote for the sitting Lead Administrator, the Player Administrator has the deciding vote. If there is neither a sitting Lead Administrator nor a sitting Player Administrator, the other three Administrators will decide via a majority vote amongst themselves.
  • The Lead Administrator shall be charged with ensuring that as fair and as impartial elections as possible shall be held. This includes working with members of the Website and Server staff to create anonymous, yet verifiable, databases of voters, auditing elections, and conveying the audited results to the community, or the appropriate Administrator, in case of a tie.
  • If there is no sitting Lead Administrator, or if sitting Lead Administrator is running in the elections, then the Election Oversight shall fall to the Player Administrator.
  • The Lead Administrator can veto any decision by any other administrator within thirty days of the decision. To override the Lead’s veto, three other members of the Administration must agree to propose a vote for an override to the HDMs. At least 2/3 (two thirds) of voting HDMs must support the override for it to be effective. Vote-eligible Administrator Staff and DMs are not able to participate in the veto override procedure.
  • A member may appeal any censure or banning decision to the Lead Administrator between notification of said decision or censure, and either one week after the imposition of a censure or the end of a ban.
  • Only the Lead Administrator may make formal proposals for amendments and revisions to the ALFA Charter.
  • If the member wishes to protest against a DM decision, any objections must be sent to the Lead Admin.
  • Only verdicts that find wrongdoing may be appealed against. Such appeals must be made to the Lead Admin within 30 days of the verdict, as per Section 3.6 of the ALFA Charter.
  • In cases of dispute where the Admin responsible is directly involved in the matter, or other clear conflicts of interest exist, the Lead Admin will step in to over see.

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