Building Portals

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Server Portals

Triggers, Doors, and Usable Placeables are the customary objects used for inter-server travel in ALFA.

Simply put, a portal (not to be confused with other Portals)) is a method of traveling between ALFA servers.


A portal event may be initialized in either the OnClick or OnUsed events. Set either script to use or call acr_trg_portalstart.nss.

Remaining scripts should be the default acr_* scripts for the portal object type. See Building Placeables or Building Triggers for details on how to configure those.


The destination of a cross-server portal is always a waypoint.

Create a Waypoint with a Tag of the form <SourceServerId>_PortalTo_<DestinationServerId>_<PortalNumber>, where the ServerIds are 3 digit integers, and the PortalNumber is a 2 digit integer.

Example: For the arrival waypoint of a portal from Baldur's Gate (Server ID 010) to The Silver Marches (Server ID 003), the first such arrival waypoint is given the tag: 010_PortalTo_003_01

Customizing Portals

See also: Using Local Variables

The following two variables are required for the portal to function.

  • ACR_PORTAL_DEST_SERVER (int) -- Must be set to the destination server ID.
    Example: int ACR_PORTAL_DEST_SERVER = 10 to travel to Baldur's Gate.
  • ACR_PORTAL_NUM (int) -- The unique ID (for the destination server) of the destination waypoint.
    Example: int ACR_PORTAL_NUM = 1 may put you at the docks, while int ACR_PORTAL_NUM = 2 may put you at the transition between the Western Heartlands and Tempest's Tears.

The following options are optional.

  • ACR_PORTAL_DEST_ADJACENT (int) -- If set to 1, the 24-hour portal cooldown will be disabled.

IC Portals

See Building IC Portals