General / The Pillars of ALFA

The Pillars of ALFA:

1) D&D. ALFA uses Dungeons & Dragons ("D&D").

2) Forgotten Realms. ALFA is set in the Forgotten Realms.

3) Faerunian Scope. ALFA's goal is to span Faerun.

4) Permadeath. ALFA has permadeath for player characters.

5) Hardcore Role Play. Players in ALFA are required to role-play their characters; meta-gaming and power-gaming shall be prohibited.

6) Persistant. ALFA's Faerun shall be persistant.

7 ) Moderated Advancement. Character level advancement shall be moderated by the DMs and by standards.

8) Controlled Wealth. Wealth, which includes gold, gems, magic items and mundane items as well as intangible items, shall be controlled by the DMs in accord with standards set by the Administration for the purpose of ensuring play balance.