October has seen an upswing in the higher level campaign on the Moonshae Isles as well as a decent start to the game for levels 1-5 on The Silver Marches.  Check Arianna's DMing schedule on the forums if you want to get involved. 

  The ALFA wiki has been getting some love and updates lately to the classes in particular from Ithildur.    Check out the link here http://www.alandfaraway.info/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=52183&p=631210#p631210 for important class / PrC information.  Also, kmj2587 has been updating our dieties pages and the paladin / clerical orders.  Thank you Ithildur and kmj2587 for your work in this.  If anyone else wants to get involved in Helping the wiki should be available for any member to work on.