June Updates

Once again this month's update on things happening in ALFA.

DMA Election -- DMA Boombrakh stepped down and SwordSaintMusashi is elected our new DMA.

LA Election -- HEEGZ did not run for another term as Lead Administrator. shad0wfax has taken his place in a very-close election.

DM Events -- a few of our DMs are keeping up their regular campaigns that we'd posted last month. In particular...
Xanthea has a high-level event currently being scheduled for use on Moonshaes: http://www.alandfaraway.info/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=193&t=51412
AnalogKid has regular DMed sessions on Moonshaes:
Adanu has regular DMed sessions on Western Heartlands:
Wynna is running a university-themed event on The Silver Marches:

ACR Update -- new updates to our core rules include better handling of petrification and gaze attacks, with dynamically-calculated DCs on the saving throws and the ability to avoid gaze attacks by intentionally blinding oneself, or by relying on blindsight instead of normal sight.

Tailors -- the old xp_craft based tailor is on its way out; it served for a long time, but its many item corruption and duplication bugs have us giving it the boot. TSM, MS, and BG have all at least started their transition off of xp_craft and onto ACR_Items.