April Updates

The things! They keep happening! Time is terribly frustrating like that, and we poor mortals are stuck trying to keep up!

DMA Election -- Castano has opted to not run for another term as DMA, and the newly-elected DMA is Boombrakh!

DM Events -- kmj's events are on hiatus while the player group goes through some reorganization, but still plenty of events to attend. Mick has taken up a post as DM on Baldur's Gate and has been remarkably active, with many events for mid-to-low-level PCs. Things also seem to be picking up for AnalogKid's events on Moonshaes, and we even spotted the fabled Wynna on TSM once or twice.

ACR Update -- we once again have updated our core ruleset, mostly with fixes but also to support our next bulletpoint. The details can be found here:

Random Dungeons -- our first steps into randomly-generated dungeons have gone live on Baldur's Gate. They're still very basic, and only span a couple areas at low CR, but interested players can look for the Silver Owl company in Ruqel for the first couple glimpses into what will surely grow into the settings for many events and quests to come.

Greengrass -- Greengrass is concretely scheduled now, and will be a number of events running from May 1st U.S. evenings through May 3rd. Sparring, archery, mage duels, pie eating, song and poetry-- for prizes. Details can be found here: