January Updates

New Host -- our central server has moved! If all is working, we should see more-spritely play as our database is now much closer to our game servers.

TA Election -- the one that our previous Lead Administrator missed in November ran, with Zelknolf confirmed for another term.

DM Events -- DMing has been picking up lately, with events coming into play from Adanu on Western Heartlands, Xanthea on Moonshaes, Shad0wfax on Baldur's Gate and Rumple C on Baldur's Gate while the going event from Zelknolf continues to run on Moonshaes.

Build -- Wynna has returned from a long hiatus, and has taken to repairing the static content in Silverymoon University. She announced a complete build just before this post's authoring, and we expect to see it on The Silver Marches soon.