Moar ACR Updates

Few things rolling out today:

  • Quest triggers now record that a given trigger has already been tripped by a PC by saving that fact to the trigger instead of the PC. This means that...
    • You may now have multiple identically-named triggers with different variables and still have all of them operate on the same PC.
    • You may now "clean up/reset" a quest by deleting and recreating all of the quest triggers (see BG's *_patrol scripts for an example of this).
  • You may now add an integer variable named ACR_QST_FORCED_STATE to a quest trigger, and cause the activation of that trigger by PCs whose quest state is ACR_QST_LOWER_STATE to be set to precisely the forced state. As with the default behavior, if the PC's new quest state is greater than ACR_QST_UPPER_STATE, they will be given the XP defined in the journal. By default, quest triggers increment quest state by 1.
  • Shuriken now acquire Mighty (+10) as a temporary (non-price-adjusting) property when equipped. While this looks a bit hacky, this seems to be the only way to allow shuriken to benefit from the thrower's strength bonus, as is appropriate for thrown weapons.
  • ACR Spawn Points actually respect spawn types of 8 (traps) now.