ACR Update

Another small ACR update today-- server-side only, but servers had to recompile. Properly-configured hosts will have done this automatically, but be careful if you version control your NCS files (as the server should be the new source of truth at least on your acf_mod_* series of scripts).

•Waypoints with the tag ACR_QUEST_WAYPOINT will be automatically converted to persistent areas of effect having the default ACR trigger scripts (acf_trg_*) on its three events, carrying all of the waypoints which are assigned to the waypoint. In practice, this means that you can use waypoints instead of triggers for scouting and bounty quests by assigning all of the variables that you -would- have put on the trigger onto a waypoint instead, and tagging it appropriately. By default, these areas of effect will be persistent effect #83 (which is about the size of one tile), but you can create an integer variable named ACR_QUEST_TRIG_SHAPE and set that to any integer represented in that 2da to get the matching size/shape (potentially visual-- keep in mind that if you were to, say, use 44, then your quest trigger will look like a mass of writhing tentacles. Whether or not that's a good thing is between you and your HDM.
•Creatures with touch attacks can now have ACR_TOUCH_ATTACK set to WISP to acquire a will o' wisp's touch attack (doing 2d8 points of electrical damage).
•A crash that could result from a creature taking damage from the module (as in #sethp or ACR Traps) is fixed
•It is no longer possible to pick invalid packages during character creation (which could cause a spellcaster to begin play without any spells)
•A very-rare bug that could occur if a DM attempted to reprice an item before any item had been generated has been fixed.
•A specific case which could cause the CLRScript object manager to crash and lose its collections (to hilarious and disastrous consequences downstream-- mostly NPCs forgetting who their friends are and taking way too long to respond to being punched in the face) is fixed.