DM/Builder News Bulletin

This will be the first of semi-periodic updates on events occurring in ALFA on the DM/builder side of things. DMs/builders may contact me via PM to supply news for inclusion.

1. Monsters - With shad0wfax's efforts, BG is revamping its monsters to include tech's updated AI (smarter more IC monsters) and better fit 3.5e rules. These monster files (.UTC files) will be made available to all servers via the campaign folder. Servers wishing to use them need merely add the files to their campaign folders and call the monsters as regular spawns or use the DM spawn tools.

2. Static Content - Through Rumple's efforts, MS has added the first perform static to many of its taverns. Players of bards or others with perform ranks (or no ranks) now have an easier way to RP performances, both good and bad, without the need to macro performances. Also, they can earn a small stipend to cover their food and drink costs, and some XP. Since the system is skill check based it provides vital independent feedback to your PC's activities. You may access the perform static via a useable floor candle lamppost located in Kingsbay's inn. DM spawned lampposts currently reside in the other inns so the static may disappear from your inn of choice until such time as we respawn it/update the module again.

3. Loot - Static loot drops have been altered to take account of PC wealth. Thanks to Zelknolf in tech for devising and implementing this change after a rather nebulous suggestion from the DMA side of ALFA.