Moonshaes Open Season

The Moonshaes server 009 is now open to the public and will be from 15 December to 15 Janurary.

Our land is beautiful, the life it gives us is good. How could it be otherwise? The land is the Goddess. But the Goddess serves the Balance, and as goodness grows in power, so must evil have its day. Wherefore all who live in the Moonshaes have felt the bite of evil as it rises again and again to threaten us.

What can vanquish it, for a time?  The forces of good.  And what are they?  They have a thousance faces and a thousand names.  We call them heroes.  -Andabbar Meihklann, Bard of the Snows

Welcome to the Moonshaes Isles, or the isleas as they are commonly called by their inhabitants, where light and dark struglle for dominance in a never ending conflict.  Here various human and demihuman cultures meet, sometimes warring, sometimes living in peace.

Existing ALFA members as well as the general NWN2 population are encouraged to log in and play with a shiny new PC. New players who enjoy the ALFA experience and wish to join our most excellent community can make the application through the side bar on our main page (the one you are reading right now). We are worth it!

Remember to remain in character at all time, and no running without reason. Feel free to register for the web site and join us in IRC chat (also found in the side bar on this page). It’s a great way to ask questions, or find a DM and other players to adventure with. We are a friendly bunch, so don't be shy.  we won't be.

To log in use the direct connect function in NWN2.  Type in (then connect!)

FAQ for the open server can be found here.

The open server forum is here.

Basic lore on the MS can be found here.

For current ALFA DM’s the password can be found in the ALFA DM forums.

For current ALFA players who wish to DM during open season please ask MS HDM Castano.

(Some links will not be usable be those who have not registered for the ALFA website/forums - so please do so)