ACR v1.88 Released

I've gone and proven myself a slacker with the last update.

So an interesting and outdated piece of news, ACR v1.87 was released back in July!

And in more-recent news, ACR v1.88 is officially released!

This update is primarily fixes, with attention given to many modules that have historically been thorns in our sides-- turn undead, combat expertise, trade scrolls, and invisibility have all gotten a little bit less painful to deal with, while (Greater) Magic Weapon is a little bit friendlier to archers and unarmed combatants. We've also added a few more spells, including Dimensional Anchor, to provide the most-available canonical way to prevent spells like Teleport or Dimension Door.

We've also seen ALFA's combat AI finally into a usable state-- though it hasn't yet entirely conquered the previous system, modules can now opt in with specific creatures to allow them to use the new combat logic, and we officially have monsters-- the zSpawn shadows-- who use it by default.


Happy gaming!