ACR v1.86 Released


Today, we're rolling out the latest version of the ALFA Core Rules. This set of changes is pretty significant, so players can expect a sizable download the first time they log into an updated server. We have the full change log in our technical documentation, as always, here.

Major thanks to the tech team for helping us get this together: Basilica, Paazin, FoamBats, and Ronan.


A few highlights from this release:

Automated Crafting -- Players who have the Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, and Craft Wand will be able to craft items according to the rules set down by ALFA's DM team. Similarly, players with other crafting feats will be able to run crafting projects for permanent items with DM oversight (but only with DM oversight). 

Swimming -- Players who enter water will find that some of them-- specified by builders-- will require the players to swim. It comes with animations and responds appropriately to the swim skill, and includes drowning: be careful, and don't swim until you've put your tower shield away and given your lunch a chance to settle.

Player Report -- DMs who open the player list (by pressing P) will notice that the old player-facing report has been replaced with something much more useful to DMs. On the report is easy access to the server's wealth, a rough glance at players' alignments, faiths, and character classes, and an idea of who is partied with who. The reports are fairly powerful, and DMs who wish to get the most out of them should read the release notes for details.