ACR v1.85 Released

Today, we release the latest version of the ALFA Core Rules. This update includes the medley of updates and fixes we typically include in a rollout, and headlines significant improvements to our ability to have servers communicate with each other and for players to communicate across server and medium boundaries.

The ALFA IRC Bot (which maintains a presence in #alfa-players) now responds to a !page command, which allows one-way messages to be sent to players in game-- just in case you need to get a hold of someone who typically plays in full screen. It's limited to 256 characters, and not meant to hold any significant information, but can get a person's attention. The Bot now also responds to !seen, and will respond with the last time that a given player was logged in, and which server the player was on.

In addition, it is now possible to send tells to players on other ALFA servers. Players will notice a revised chat select GUI window, which now divides itself into two panes (one for DMs and one for players), which can expand to four panes (local players, local DMs, remote players, remote DMs) on demand. The expected interaction is the same as before: clicking on the person you wish to send a tell to will stage your chat entry box with the needed text, or you can type #t "Character Name" at the beginning of a message to send a tell to that character.

Thanks and accolades go to Basilica for building the structure that these systems use, and for getting our new ALFA IRC Bot more than up to snuff-- bringing in functionality that we've simply never seen before.

One with eyes on the horizon would note the coming implementation of automated pen-and-paper style consumable crafting, currently expected to be in ACR v1.86.