Recently, we’ve seen more activity and larger numbers on our servers, enough so that it has been the cause of speculation as to why, how, or how severe it all is. Fortunately, ALFA has always kept solid data on its activity, though it has until recently been relatively disorganized in its appearance. Roughly a year ago, Hialmar produced scripts that would read our database to determine overall player and DM activity, track application numbers, and try to keep up with ALFA’s overall health.

Most recently, those scripts have been bent toward looking at ALFA’s history, to see how active we’ve been in the past, and how things in our history have affected our progress and growth, and it has produced some interesting statistics: namely, ALFA today is more active than ALFA has ever been. There are simply more people logged on more often than before: even in those first bustling days of ALFA2.

And so I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributes effort and creativity to our shared project and makes it a more appealing place to play.

It’s super effective.