ALFA Monthly Spotlight - September

 Hello and welcome to hopefully the first of many ALFA Monthly Updates!  In these updates over the next few months hopefully we'll offer a short insight a month in ALFA, with a small window in game, as well as a server, DM or member spotlight!

 If there is anything you'd like to see in these, as they are very much a work in progress, please do give me a yell in chat or shoot me a PM over the forums.

 Adventure for all!

The Moonwood of the Silver Marches was a dangerous place in the best of times; but with a resurgence in Malarite activity the trio of adventurers knew that great risk lie ahead of them.  At first the trek was uneventful, wild animals their only accompaniment.  As they ventured deeper into the Moonwood however, the air became thick, the shadows long, and even the cries of birds seemed to fade into a troubling silence.  One of the elves lifted his hand, then raised four fingers to indicate he had spotted trouble; the other elf and the gnome made ready for a fight.  Spells flew and blades flashed against a vicious assault of claws and teeth as the trio fought against lycanthropes and their allies, the sounds of battle disrupting the silence of the forest.  The group fought hard, straining themselves as they faced even more resistance the further into the Moonwood they went, squaring off with a dozen foes at once from bugbears to massive wyverns, until finally there was silence again.  The trio stood there amidst the carnage, bloody and battered but alive.  And slowly the normal sounds of the forest returned, this darkness having been expunged if only temporarily.

(Short story by NESchampion) 

DM Spotlight

The DMs of Alfa have been working very hard across all our servers but we would like to spotlight just one this month, and that DM is Cloud_Dancing. She is a DM on the Moonshaes server and has been working very hard these past few months.  

Cloud has been DMing for Alfa for some time now but in the last few months she has ran a very in depth campaign on the Moonshaes that many players characters traveled across servers to be a part of. Cloud is known to be a very intensive story telling DM, of course she includes dungeon crawls and adventure (this is DnD after all), but she believes that a story should always be associated with what the PCs are doing and that there is room for roleplay in anything the DM sets up. One part of the campaign involved a doppelganger posing as people these PCs had contact with causing them to do things they would not normally do or be asked to do. This caused a lot of questioning and struggle for the PCs to find out who they were dealing with, exactly who was doing what, and why. This is only a small part of the campaign but one that surely shows the in depth story Cloud is willing and able to set up for her players. 

She is known for not only her DM story telling but also helping her players tell their PC’s individual stories. Talking to her players involved in these quests really helped in understanding just how much work Cloud puts into her DMing. Along with the great story intense DMing Cloud is a wonderful builder and has added a lot of new content to the Moonshaes. 

 Here is what some had to say… “Cloud’s ideas and stories are always inventive and creative.” “She makes an effort to pay attention to the little things and helps each PCs intents and motives along the way. If you want to do a side thing in the middle of her main adventures, she is happy to accommodate and loves the initiative.” “Specifically, the last campaign had a great deal of intrigue. There was much interaction with named and important NPCs and possibilities for IC contacts and story points for further adventures, both long-term and short term.” “She's able to take on a lot of different hats and make them sound different.” 

 We are lucky to have her on our DM staff and honored to spotlight her this month for her great work. If you have not had the great chance to be DMed by Cloud_Dancing please head on over to the Moonshaes sever as soon as possible.

(DM Spotlight composed by Aitana)