Moonshae Leaps to Live

 Our land is beautiful, the life it gives us good. How could it be otherwise? The land is the Goddess. But the Goddess serves the Balance, and as goodness grows in power, so must evil have its day. Wherefore all who live in the Moonshaes have felt the bite of evil as it rises again and again to threaten us.

What can vanquish it, for a time? The forces of good. And what are they? They have a thousand faces and a thousand names. We call them heroes.

-Andabbar Meihklann, Bard of the Snows

It was nearly 18 months ago that we heard the welcoming news of Baldur's Gate, our second server, going Live. And now - with a big congratulations to Castano and his building team - ALFA can up the count of it's servers to THREE!

With a current DM Team consising of Castano, Mirabai, Jayde, Trid, Holy_Rage, Electryc and Rorax, covering timezones across the States, through Europe and over to the Middle East, now is a perfect time to roll up that new PC or jump on a boat from Baldur's Gate.

Starting tomorrow, 12:01 AM Castano Time (EST), PCs will have a chance to wander the shores of the Moonshae Isles. Whether it be to sail among or against the pirates of the Nelanthar Isles, mingle and mix with the great druids of the Goddess who watch over the lands, or share a drink of halfling ale, many great adventures await PCs both big and small.

One small note, due to current Vault problems PCs will not initially be able to travel to Moonshae from other servers.  This is been worked on with the greatest of urgency - we just didn't want to hold up Moonshae any longer!