Goods for Sale!

The gnomes of ALFA have been hard at work creating items for sale in a new dynamic store system ingame. Thanks to Audark and Danielmn for so many unique items of late. Now in a testing phase on ALFA Server 003: The Silver Marches, a script that randomly populates new and wonderful items may create one or two goodies at a time in stores all over the server. It doesn't fire at every store opening nor at the first store opening per store, but works on a random timer system. When it does fire, though, the items it provides are frequently of a higher value or more unique nature than the static contents of the store. (Although let's not go overboard -- ALFA is still a low-magic world.) It adds a nice variety to store contents, though, and an element of anticipation to every shopping trip! After the TSM test is over, we'll look at setting it up pan-server. Along with the custom skills, the travel and encounter system, custom languages and custom can look forwart to this as just another little goodie brought to you by the building and tech team of A Land Far Away.