Happy New Year!

Even though ALFA's birthday is traditionally April 15th, close to the anniversary of our NWN1 Live date, we've seen more New Year's Eve's than that. Before our April 17th, 2003  (not 15th, hoorah for choosing an official, more easily memorable date)  Live date,  ALFA had been around as a community since 1999. Imagine. 10 years. That's many auld lang syne under the bridge, and many auld acquaintances not forgot. 

For a little historical reading, here's an interview of then Lead Admin, Mandos, from August of 2002, and here's the announcement of our NWN1 Live date. I wish I could find the interview we were granted by Feargus Urquhart and Anthony Davis at E3 of 2006, just to give equal coverage to NWN2, but I fear my copy went with a hard drive crash.  If anybody has it, let me know and I'll put it up for download.  From NWN0 to NWN2, there've been many milestones, and many good times.

Here's to the next 10 years.