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"Faerûn is home to hundreds of intelligent people, divided into thousands of tribes, clans, nations, and ethnicities. Some of these races are monstrous predators armed with terrible powers and some are bloodthirsty marauders who terrorize more civilized folk, but most are good-hearted folk who wish to live in peace in whatever manner they find most prosperous and fulfilling. This great diversity in physical nature, magical talent, beliefs, and values creates and incredible patchwork of cultures that spans the entire continent, a tapestry so complex and wondrous that no one mortal can hope to ever comprehend it in its entirety." -- Races of Faerûn

Inside A Land Far Away, the races available to the player are the same as those provided in Neverwinter Nights 2 and its expansions. However, there are a few cases where things may differ, whether it be how we handle them in ALFA, or the actual mechanics. Even if you are familiar with the different races, it can't hurt to have a quick skim over the following entries. If you are not familiar with the Forgotten Realms or Dungeon and Dragons races, you'll find links to the wiki pages for each subrace below.

Favored Class

A favored class is a race's preferred class. When multiclassing, it is not counted for multiclass penalty calculations.

Level Adjustment

A character with a level adjustment requires more XP to reach the next level. They are treated a given amount of levels higher than usual for the purpose of progression.