Plane Touched

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Notes: All Plane Touched are considered Extraordinary PCs. Please contact an HDM before playing one.


ALFA Note (IMPORTANT): Planetouched PCs are only playable in ALFA by Extraordinary PC approval. In order to acquire this, please write up a background/biography and submit it via Forum private message to the Head Dungeon Master (HDM) or Executive Assistant Dungeon Master (EADM) of the server on which you wish to begin. You may finish rolling up the character in the meantime, but it will be unable to leave the starting area without HDM approval. Also please note that planetouched PCs require 3000 to 6000 XP before they achieve their second class level, which can take many months in ALFA.

Planetouched is a general word to describe someone who can trace his or her bloodline back to an outsider. This heritage may be celestial, fiendish, or elemental.

The effects of having a supernatural being in one's heritage last for many generations. Although not as dramatically altered as a half-celestial or a half-fiend, planetouched still retain some special qualities.

The most common varieties of planetouched are genasi, aasimar, and tieflings. The genasi have an elemental heritage, influenced by air, earth, fire, or water. Aasimar are humans with some trace of celestial blood in their veins, and tieflings have some fiendishness in their family tree.