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Area Ruqel.jpg
Geographic Information
Server Baldur's Gate
Region(s) The Sword Coast
Societal Information
Language(s) Common, Celestial
Race(s) Human (97%), Elf (1%), Dwarf (1%), Planetouched (1%)
Religion(s) Selûne, Shaundakul, Finder Wyvernspur, Brightwater, Seldarine
Population Approx. 300
Imports Grain
Exports Weapons
Currency Precious metals
Alignment Any good
Allegiance n/a
Political Information
Government type Theocracy (Selûnite)
Champion Teresa Irithyl
High Moonmaiden Aelynthi Irithyl
Historical Information
Established 1379 DR

Inhabitants of Ruqel
Locations in Ruqel
Organizations in Ruqel
Settlements in Ruqel

Source: ALFA Canon

Ruqel is a small state built on the Way of the Lion, primarily serving to govern and support the dominant temple in the area, The Silver Spires, and the Guardians of Light living there. It holds alliance with Candlekeep and has a large transient population of people camping in the shadow of the temple, either on the way to or from Candlekeep, though its sovereignty is not universally recognized.


The state takes its name from the Celestial word for Hope, due to its large proportion of Celestial-speaking inhabitants.


Ruqel grew through planned construction, and its permanent residents are primarily orphans, pilgrims, and members of the Guardians of Light. The temple was built in the span of DR 1378-9, with surrounding structures being built independently shortly after.

As the claim was placed on otherwise-unclaimed land, the state's founding includes only a handful of skirmishes with the local giantkin, who were routed in the first year of occupation.

Geography, Climate, and Environment

Ruqel is built on the Way of the Lion, and is on the border between a temperate rainforest, the Cloakwood to the north and rugged hills to the south. The developed territory in between demonstrates some traits of both of these regions.


The dominant race living in Ruqel is human, with the dominant religion among permanent residents being the worship of Selûne.