Marpenoth is here! (TSM info dump/planning, please add/comment))

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Re: Marpenoth is here! (TSM info dump/planning, please add/comment))

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gribo wrote:
Sat Dec 12, 2020 2:19 pm
Three figures were seen on the trail to Dugemaren's temple. The guards had a lot to talk about during their next few shifts, as the Xothor's mood was slightly less sour than usual.
((Kudos to Alyra/SSM for the key cameo, along with Saerella/gribo and Baeithra/Kelmont))
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Re: Marpenoth is here! (TSM info dump/planning, please add/comment))

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In between sleeps, scribing scrolls and drinking chamomile tea, Jhessi Kross heads to the library.

She's aware, due to her brief study of architecture, that various styles of architecture exist, and that particularly popular styles might dominate a period of time, and that by examining fortifications and columns that one might discern its age.

However, that's a far cry from knowing anything definitive about her subject. In that spirit, she searches the library for books or plans of ancient Occidian and its architectural styles. Even if none are there, perhaps Oakroot knows where such knowledge can be found.
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Re: Marpenoth is here! (TSM info dump/planning, please add/comment))

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Sounds like we're on for tomoorrow! Sat Jan 2
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