The Very Awkward Life of Magnolia Loreweaver

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The Very Awkward Life of Magnolia Loreweaver

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Although her parents had come to CandleKeep before she was even born, she was still not quite comfortable with the place. Her parents first coming as Seekers, now as part of the many cogs in the wheel of the citadel. Filing away new pieces of information, worthy as well as particularly interesting tomes and scrolls for the Avowed. This tower though, closed for the barren frozen winter months was more like home. There was always too much activity in the library, quiet people coming in and out like ants on a parade, the Avowed always watching and whispering from their hidden spots amongst the stacks.

As a child she would spend time on the second floor, head peaking out between the aged stone railing that ran across the upper section giving perfect view of the many stacks below. She had been safe there, quiet as a mouse, observing the various seekers of all ages, races, and attitudes as they went looking for knowledge as if they were about to slay a dragon. In a way she supposed gaining knowledge was like slaying a dragon, the treasure of the victory of knowledge as sweet as the gold found squared away in their lairs.

Magnolia liked being alone, or at least that is what she had assured herself growing up, she was not the only child in Candlekeep what was to be sure, it was not uncommon for a Seeker to bring their child with them, but an abnormally shy child Magnolia could hardly find the courage to talk to the other children let alone make friends with them. most were so quick to age and then disappear, especially since the few she remembered quite distinctly, month after mont, for seekers were only allowed to stay a for a tenday then leave for a month before returning. Watching them grow as if at a blink of an eye, their ages spanning before her, too quick to will herself to speak to them, too quick to approach and befriend. Even the children who's parents worked in the Court of Air, at the local tavern, inn, stables and blacksmith only knew her as the silent girl. One who would resort so stuttering anxiety and quick escapes if cornered wit a friendly hello or an offer to play ball or marbles. No, Magnolia spent her time with her only friends at first: books. This was to be expected though, as her parents were librarians. Their need to instill the importance of tomes and the prospect of an educational career in her something they focused on. Besides the fact, it appeared to her mother that she was not cut out for a social life. She was a well-meaning child, did as she was told, always inquisitive, but had no skill when dealing with people.

Her parents tried to ignore the whispers that their child was quite not all right in the head, or that perhaps there was something seriously wrong with her. Magnolia was Magnolia, she as odd, but also quite smart, and in a place like Candlekeep that was not reprehensible in their mind. It had never occurred to Magnolia's mother Aerilaya, that her daughter would leave Candlekeep for any truly long period of time, she would have to prove herself by securing a piece of literature, but there were many things in the world that she could easily bring back to prove her place. She found it more likely that as a Loreweaver, she would do what most of her relatives did, collect literature. Her father on the other hand saw it differently. Illitran saw the way she grew, watching her when she did not know that the was being watched, seeing as her focus shifted from all forms of literature to those about arcane knowledge. The delight in her eyes as she read upon the mathematical side of magic. The beginners book he had scribed for her becoming dog eared and poured over like it held the meaning of life itself. It was something to be encouraged. His wife had deemed it unlikely. Her lessons with Mages unsuccessful due to her anxious and stuttering nature carried on by interrupting and disruptive questions.

The report from her teacher that she simply spent too much time asking questions, always wanting to jump ahead to material they had not covered, or practice magic she was not prepared for. She had the mind for it, but lacked the confidence that came with wizardry, lacked the knowledge of her boundaries, did not understand that certain magic was not for learning, or beyond her skill level! When she did find herself able to speak she was disruptive and even times argumentative when it came to acknowledging her place as a novice and that some knowledge was not for her to be known yet or perhaps ever to be completely honest. There was a guideline to being a wizard, a hierarchy that she did not seem interested in following. Which is why he recommended to stop the classes, as her overall attitude and presence would not make for a diplomat or teacher of the arcane as she grew. He recommended that she would be more suited to scroll work, as she did have arcane art, that could not be denied, but she needed something that would keep her busy while not engaged with other people, as he agreed she was not one for conversation.

This report had only solidified what Aerilaya thought, discouraged Magnolia, and pissed Illitran off. No, aptitude for as a wizard? A mage of Oghma was revered, if she was not to be taught then she would never access the materials at the library he knew she longed for. This only made him want this more for her, wanted her to be able to do as she wished, to become who she was destined to become whether she stuttered, whether she had panic attacks, or endlessly questioned and prodded at things that should probably not be prodded at. So even against his wife's well intended wishes, he provided her with endless books, supplies, practice material and let her work. He did not reprimand her for sneaking into the back of lectures, he did not chastise her for staying out after hours in the library, and he did not scold her over her lack of interest in the art of book keeping. No in Illitran's mind his daughter was a scholar, however young she may be.
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The howling wind swept with ice and snow, cut at Magnolia's pale face. Her hand fumbling with the heavy fur lined cloak hood. The thin elven glove doing its job to provide nimble but warm efficiency. She thoughtlessly traced the outline of her hand stitched satchel, the one her mother had crafted for her for her 90th birthday, and even at 115 it was still holding up the way only elven crafted things tended to do. The golden thread of the starburst of Corellon vibrant against the tanned leather. It had been something of an obsession for the young elf, her parents worshiping Oghma as well as the Seldarine, Noli had taken her own path, as always. Devouring as much literature as possible in the heart of the great library on the Elven gods, traditions, her native culture. Corellon Larethian, the God of Magic, The Creator of Elves. He had been her favorite until she had found an older tome something on a demigod of the Seldarine that had spoken to her just as the magic in her veins: Alathrien Druanna. The Mistress of Runes, the Goddess of Conjuration. Nearly forgotten to time, but not to her. No, today she would need to call upon the strength of the Creator of Elves and the Mistress of Runes, she'd need their help if she was going to accomplish this feat.

Her shoulder's ached as she moved, the pressing of the heavy strap against her shoulder weighing her down as she made her way up the winding steps of the tower, wind howling through the stone structure's unfiltered windows, blowing in the recent change in weather. She was careful on the slippery steps as she marched forward, the ice setting a trap like a hunter would for sport. Yet, on she marched higher and higher and higher until she reached the very top of the tower. Her tower- well, not her tower per se, everything was owned by CandleKeep, but during the relentless winter weather no one dared to climb to the top of the ancient stone structure standing over the side of the keep like a dead tree ever imposing. Why would they when there were warm desks and seating inside the iron and stone walls of the great library. Warm fireplaces and magical blue glowing orbs lighting up each nook and cranny.

Yet, it did not hold the seclusion she needed, or more importantly wanted. The top room of the tower, meant to look out across the volcanic rock of the peninsula offered a stunning view of the Sea of Swords, the now frosty waters, rising up as if to swallow the tower itself before falling back ruthlessly into the murky depths, brought only billowing mists of icy salt water into the air. The room smelt of the sea, the sound of crashing waves echoing through the open tower windows of the structure. In the spring and summer a torch would be lit above the building to warn oncoming ships of the dangers and light the way to the port. Yet, during this time of year the light was not lit and the tower was only occupied by her. The waves, sometimes frozen with staggering sea ice too bracing for many ships to dare sail this far. It was far easier this time of year to port in Badur's gate, and take a carriage the long 120 miles south to the fortress if one was in dire need of knowledge. Which many chose not to do. One of the reasons Noli found for liking the harsh winter months, even if it came with biting weather that made her nose run and her pointed ears turn red from cold.

Licking her dry lips, the young elf went to work getting herself comfortable, placing her hefty bag next to a forgotten chair and desk placed against the far wall. Today was the day.She knew it in her soul. No amount of self doubt or worry could erase this feeling. It was if Alathrien had deemed it to be willed. Her fingers idly traced the runes she had scripted under the table, the pulse of magic making her smile. The runes were simple, not something most people would notice, and not something that would change the table in any way, and yet, she felt it, her hands completing the tracing of the ancient words without even looking. Her body fluttering with warmth and comfort. The room itself still blistering cold no doubt but she could not longer feel anything but a soft breeze even if there was a layer of frost by the window the Rune of Enduring doing its job to protect her from such weather. It was simple, actually it was one of the most simple runes to be cast, but it was hers. She had done it all on her own, without the help of a teacher who nagged and refused to answer any question she may have.

Runes were expected for a higher class of a wizard, not a novice and certainly not one who had been deemed unsuitable for the profession has her annoying teacher had deemed her three years before. No, Noli had to uncover the treasured magic herself, without the help of the so called scholars who hid away their magic like it was theirs alone to keep. She frowned at this her lips curving downward with dissatisfaction. Normally people made her anxious, scared even, but this man, this human made her feel nothing but distain. Hannecke Grombie Icenel the 3rd, always mentioning that he was in fact from a great line of wizards. At 50, much younger than Noli's 112 years, he still bellowed power and relished his ability to bully anyone into compliance. She had faint memories of Hannecke Grombie Inenel the 2nd, and she had direly wanted to tell his smug son that his father had been much more agreeable than he. Even if she rarely spoke to him, he'd had a nice smile, that although made her nervous had seemed fitting on his face like his son's scowl fit his own. Yet, although Noli had direly wanted to tell him off for his pompous ways she hadn't dared. As always she had failed to do so. The moment of annoyance mixed with a flood of panic as he had clearly seen on her delicate features. Her thoughts swimming with utter terror at the idea of him yelling at her in front of the class or scolding her as he would often do so made her immobile to most of his cutting remarks or worse send her into a fit of stuttering and crying. Something that seemed to bring much joy to her fellow classmates, whether they laughed or not she knew what they were thinking. She just did. Which led to a whole flurry of crippling doubt and shame. And then that led to shallow breaths and terror at the idea that she was not getting enough air and not getting enough air to her brain would surely lead to her death and that was a whole different-[/]

Focus Noli, focus.

Today is the day, today is the day you have been waiting for your whole life even if you didn't realize it.

Her fingers trembled, her bottom lip wobbled, reaching up she wiped furiously at her face dragging away the tears that began to well with the sleeve of her dress. She wouldn't think of him right now, she couldn't. Not today. Magnolia swallowed hard, her dry throat protesting, she pulled out a canteen sipping at it quietly as she closed her eyes and began to calm down, doing mathematic equations in her head until she was finally feeling as though she could continue. She liked math, it had always interested her, and when one was solving equations there was not time to spend worrying about everything wrong in the world or what the future holds or even the mistakes of the past, there were just numbers and shapes and angles and diagrams etched into her brain. Those she could rely upon, those made sense.

That's why she liked spells, incantations, runes, and most of all conjuring. The art of summoning was difficult, and not something she had attempted. She had spent most of a good three years practicing her tracing, the dry texture of chalk in her hands as she went over the precise lines and angles necessary to various summoning. It would not be as necessary or as difficult when she began regularly performing the spells but for now it was required and excellent training for years to come. She liked her time on the floor, protractor in hand, a compass at the ready, and a ruler on standby. So this is where she went, down to the cold floor, her body still warm from her success at her rune. Hands digging through her bag, removing various texts on the mathematics of magic, the importance of runes, and her latest read a composition of monsters and their anatomy. Finding what she was looking for she went to work, her eyes sparking with inspiration as she crawled around on the hard stone floor filling in each line with the kind of care a mother would put into raising a child. A small smile growing and growing as the summoning circle started taking form, right angles, circles, squares and the more tricky irregular shapes written across the stone in polished lines of a practiced hand. She worked diligently until she could stand up, placing her worn out chalk on the surface of the table and wiped excess dust off on her wet cloak.

She stood there a moment studying what she had done, going again over each line until she was satisfied that it had been done exactly as the tome had instructed her. She tried to still her hands as she reached for her notebook, opening up the spell page, as she looked over the words in common.

"Creature from the great unknown, I summon thy presence, let my circle welcome you who will chose me, my worth at the craft for you to know, familiar come forth and claim me as thy own." She moved her hands carefully feeling the rush of magic as it filled her body pouring out like water from her fingertips, the circle on the floor enlightened with gold as it span around at a dizzying pace. "Creature from the great unknown, I summon thy presence, let my circle welcome you who will chose me, my worth at the craft for you to know, familiar come forth and claim me as thy own,"

The air seemed to crackle with energy, her fine long blonde hair rising as if a strong gale pushed it into the air, whirling behind her like silk in the wind. And then with a pop of a noise not unlike lightening striking an ill-fated tree a creature came into existence the circle slowing to a stop as the form came into view and Noli's hands clasped together in front of her. The words gone from her mouth as she stared down at the earthen mossy colored creature, it's dry skin sporting aged warts and strong back legs. The creature hopped in place, up and down up and down until the words came back to Magnolia Loreweaver, the only word she had searing into her brain.

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Into the caves

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Even though Magnolia had gone to Waterdeep to find unknown knowledge to return to Candlekeep, she had not rejoiced at her summoning back to the place she had called home. There hadn't been much to the letter, just her father's scribbled penmanship in such a disarry that she had never seen before. Come home, Noli, your mother is dead.

It wasn't just the long voyage at sea that had caused her to loose her nerve and regress back into her stumbling self. It had been a painful step back to loose her mother who never seemed to entirely approve of her life choices. Not in this way, not like this. She had always been careful, had always demanded Magnolia be careful in everything she did.

It was an accident they'd said. A faulty scroll, a fluke accident that sent the fear spell off affecting her mother and sending her running up the tower steps to the crumbling structure. Noli wondered what her mother had seen, what had caused her to run with such ferocity that she had lost control of herself so completely that once she reached the tower top she'd either tripped or thrown herself off the structure.

The people in the town said she jumped. Noli couldn't bear it. Not when her father had pointed out which tower it was and she realized it was her tower, the one she'd spent so many hours summoning and practicing her craft. The tower she had summoned Soli in. She couldn't look at the toad now, she didn't dare summoning him. Every time she thought of that tower that had been her solace in life now was painted with the picture of her mother's haunted eyes flinging herself from its reach. She hadn't wanted to stay in Candlekeep, the memories at every corner like ghosts haunting her. She longed for Waterdeep day after day with her mourning so finally after months and months of misery her father let her go. He wanted her to continue on her quest to return back with that cherished knowledge and come back to him. Yet, in her heart she did not know anymore if this is what she wanted. Candlekeep was her home but also a prison. Even though she had not always gotten along with her mother the thought of her gone was excruciating. Her parents had been married for over 200 years. Their love timeless, now separated her father was a shell of what he had been, Magnolia had almost resorted to begging him to come with her, but without his wife, he'd told her all he had left was his work.

That sentiment stung, did he not have her left? Reasonably she knew he didn't mean it to come out that way. And in a way maybe he was right, the only thing that might help this pain was the thrilling nature of their works. To dig deep into their research and try to move on. To make the pain less all consuming and try to return to normalcy. Yet, nothing was normal.

Waterdeep was different than the way Magnolia Loreweaver remembered it. Wren had moved on, gotten married and was trying to start a family, Lia was dead. She hadn't even known until she'd came back. It hurt to think about her cold and in the ground, being devoured by worms and turned into mulch. The adventurer's guild reduced to single digits, the elves under new command. The many faces she'd seen in the streets, she had come to know were now a memory.

It had been disorienting but not lonely. The Elf enclave was different than before, surprisingly welcoming even though she did not intend to travel to their homeland. Magolir was gone and that in itself was a small blessing, because she'd been ushered in and welcomed by the new Priestess of Hanali. Her old courage returning reminding her of the girl who had combusted a worg to death and ate his liver in defiance. The work was good. There was no wizard with the elves, and they needed her. It felt good to be needed. And soon she fell into the fold. Gaining new magic after an eventful delve into elven ruins. She had to get rid of Soli, she couldn't bear to look at him anymore. It was better to shut him out to start fresh. She'd chosen someone to protect her this time, a panther had emerged in its stead. Kali. Strong and powerful, she had felt safe. She had felt secure. Even so much to return to the rat hills again without her old friends.

Even if she was still getting use to Ril and Jory she had Kali to keep her safe. It was not that she doubted the other elves, in fact she was rather fond of them, especially Ril who did not seem apposed to play guinea pig if the need arose and he was paid well... or at all really, he was pretty cheap. Even if they had been horribly wrong about the new guildmaster of the adventurers'' guild being a necromancer. That find had been disappointing when it came to possibly acquiring slightly controversial knowledge. Then again she had spent more time with Aelenta and a rather dashing Paladin named Ro. Oh Ro. It was hard not to blush when she thought of him which was a distracting amount if she was being honest.

Nope, focusing.

The trip had started off easy, they had a simple mission go to the rat hills kill the rat king. She'd been there, she'd done that. It should have been a piece of cake. Except no one had an enchanted weapon, she had two attack spells and they were taking this questionably clean but also quite nice new dwarf Broin.

If there was one thing Magnolia had learned it was that you don't piss off a dwarf, they craft, they heal they mine and hell this one even took care of traps. He was useful and the only thing Magnolia liked more than a good book was a useful ally. So she did her best to keep him safe, casting Kali out to guard herself and the dwarf. Which was no easy stretch of road because they had gone at night, against her better judgement. Night time was much more dangerous, more marsupials more fire breathing rats but the boys did not seem nearly as concerned as her so she kept most of her fears to herself and put her faith in her own companion and her competency. And as adventures went it was a success. They killed at least 40 rats, of varying size, pouches and fire breathing tendencies. Kali slapping anything that came too close to the aspiring wizard with such a ferocity it shocked even magnolia. Many a times the large cat took the kills of the men only to slink back to her side when the deed was done. Broin cutting each rat tail off in quick succession. Although not for the high bounty but for his famous rat tail soup that he unfortunately was going to force upon them with completion of the mission. Luckily no one was diseased because although Magnolia had read up on leaching she was reluctant to try it. After running around in the dark for hours they finally found the cave, a place she barely remembered except for the smell of disease and excrement. The elves went to work killing the rats and Broin breaking all the rodent traps.

Shoring up for the attack they paused, surprised when Jory ran from the cave unexpectedly only to arrive with Ariella. The Priestess showing up out of the blue and without warning like a shining light from the gods to bless their endeavors. Unfortunately stopping Ril from trying the possibly magic mushrooms Broin and Magnolia had found in the cave and were asking him to nibble on. A scientific discovery lost.

Yet, with Ariella's blessings they were ready to battle the useless steel weapons turned magical by her touch alone.

They made quick work of the rat king, Jory slicking right, Ril slicing left, and then with a final blow Magnolia decided to let free her newest spell: Fireball striking the creature and producing a mass of flames that encompassed the entire portion of the cave, hitting Jory, Ril and Broin. Leaving Magnolia stunned not only due to their injuries but at the surge of power that had come out of her seemingly out of nowhere.

Before she could utter an apology a sinking feeling of dread filled her, something hard connecting with the back of her head, her hair pulled back as she was thrown down the large cat standing over her. Kali's eyes filled with malice as she reached out with one clawed paw to slice at her, leaving pools of blood in her wake as she gouged at Magnolia, her scream barely leaving her lips as the cat slammed down again causing her to slip away into inky blackness and the horrifying effect of dying consume her.

Magnolia could not remember what happened next, only awaking on the cold floor of the cave, air suddenly forced through her lungs as she sat up with a scream. She frantically looked for Kali only to find her friends instead. She had been dead she was sure of it. Kali her familiar had snuck up behind her and killed her... Yet as she looked down at herself expecting to see a ravaged body all she saw were cuts in her favorite outfit. Her skin unmarked. She was alive, by the grace of the Seldarine she was alive. She was instantly thankful and then mournful, if the Selderine could save her from instant death than why not her mother?
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The Trauma of Death

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But it was too late, the dagger of the elite kobold plunged into her to the hilt. Pain erupting inside of her like a volcano, blood exploding from the wound as the creature pulled the knife back, shoving it to the hilt again before she could utter a word, a cry, a prayer to the Seldarine with the question of how this could happen? She felt the blade twist, rupturing her frail lung, as she drowned in her own blood.

The blackness of death swirling around her until she could feel no more and see no more. The fragility of life escaping her again. As much as this destroyed her she couldn't help wonder if this inkiness was better than being alive. She yearned for the vast lushness of Arvandor; the rolling mountains and lavish greenery. Of all the possibilities brought before her. The idea of eventually starting again as someone new and having all this pain and her prior life behind her.


Magnolia choked on air, her lungs expanding and contrasting like vile poison through her lungs. She felt the world open up and sun beat down on her face and she was laying on the wooden beams of the tree top village. She was not in Arvandor, it was too familiar. She pushed herself up on her elbows, looking around, her blonde hair streaked with blood as she pushed it out of her eyes to find Ril standing there. Mostly intact. She felt her heart sing for a moment. Her body shaky as she pulled herself up, almost stumbling into him as she wrapped her thin arms around his neck, pushing her face against his chest. The smell of pine and sweat swirling around her. She felt her tears start to well up and spill over her cheeks as she shook.

"Thank the Seldarine, you decided to return to the realm of the l..."

That confused her. She hadn't decided anything, she hadn't- she felt her throat clinch, a bit of pain at the possibility closed to her.

His voice was quiet now, barely above a whisper in her ear, "I'm so sorry. That was... my fault."

She couldn't help but shake her head at that, not able to break away, not able to look him in the eyes. "No-No... I sh-should have ran... You told me to run." she whimpered into him. "I-I-I saw them both going for you and I had to do something. I was rash. I should have trusted you had it."

Ril seemed to dispute this, "But I yelled too late. And I never should have let you get into that position. I'm so sorry."

She nodded softly at his words, finally strong enough to pull back.

"I-It's okay, I-I think I'm okay," she tried to assure him, frowning as she finally took inventory.

She wiggled her fingers, and flexed her toes, all twenty present. She saw his hesitation at her release at the distance but she needed it she needed more air.

She felt the oxygen flow from her lungs the crackling of her spell releasing into the air with a small whisper of words, a conjuration exploding into life. The rich brown color and many legs of the rust monster coming from seemingly nothing. She felt instant relief. As if this was the most important part of her to be intact. Not her fingers, not her toes, but her magic.

Magnolia blushed as she watched Ril jump back and avoid her rust monster.

"Seldarine... that thing will NEVER cease to terrify me," he hissed.

Magnolia nodded, flicking a wrist and unsummoning the monster just as quickly as it appeared.

"You've been through an ordeal," he admitted.

"It-It's always a rust monster," she whispered grimacing slightly before stopping and looking around, her large brown eyes blinking as she took it in.

She blinked looking back to Ril as he spoke adamantly to her, "I swear, I will do everything in my power to help you regain your footing."

She paused feeling awkward as she took in her surroundings, "I-I don't know how I got here?- we were in the treetops,"

he did not speak, so she continued, "how did I how did i get here?"

"I... carried you here." She could only blink at that.

"You-you carried me all the way?" she didn't know he was strong enough, it was such a far walk, and there were so many dangers...

"You were... you were already gone, Magnolia. Your spirit had left your body- But I carried you back. I... I had to."

Magnolia nodded, her chin wobbling as she rubbed at her face, nervously. "T-Thank you, I.... I thought it was over,"

"It's the least I could've done,"

She grimaced at that, anxiety rising up in her body like a flame...

"I thought I would see my mother, but I didn't make it that far,"

"I'm so sorry you had to make... that difficult choice, to return,"

She didn't correct him. But the ground suddenly seemed all encompassing.

"But... I'm... I'm glad you did."

"I-I haven't talked about her with anyone before..." she said no louder than a whisper.

"Your mother?"

She swallowed hard her throat painfully dry and the words hard to speak. She could only drop her chin an inch in a small nod.

"She has passed on the Arvandor then?"

"S-She died recently, yes."

"I'm ... deeply saddened to hear this."

"It-It's fine, she... Well it's not fine," she offered crossing her arms against her chest as if hugging herself.

"Is this why..." his words were swallowed into silence as they often are, his head tilting lightly to the side his hair falling into his eyes.

"She fell from a tower... Or jumped," she whispered the last part. Shaking out her long blonde locks, strands hiding her from sight for a moment before she blew them out of her face.

"How did it happen?" he asked what felt like carefully.

"It was a faulty fear scroll it backfired,"

He had nothing for this, pausing at her words before finding some of his own, "I...I see," was that a stutter himself? Or was it just his usual silence, the time it took for him to collect those special chosen words from the depth of his mind. She felt a ping of kinship there, something fierce.

"At least that is what my father told me," She rubbed her face again, as if going for an invisible spot she needed to get rid of, her skin reddening at her touch.

"She transcribed scrolls for Candlekeep."

"So she was a wizard?" he smiled softly, "And you follow in her footsteps."

"She-She didn't practice much, she focused on transcription." her face turning into a deep frown as she looked at everything but him. "She... Didn't approve of this for me."

"You loved her deeply I take it,"

She nodded softly before agreeing, "I do, but it was complicated," she couldn't help but grimace, "she wanted me to become a librarian to spend my days transcribing scrolls,"

"And you wanted..."

"Conjuring is the one thing I am good at. It's so mathematical, so practical so amazing." she smiled now, "She hated it,"

"The ability to call forth things that were not, and make them take shape and form *nods* Amazing indeed. But why did she not approve?

"I didn't know what I wanted, I thought I would get my treasured knowledge and go back, practice conjuration by myself. She did not believe.. I-I had the personality or people skills to work on my own," Magnolia rolled her bottom lip between her teeth biting down hard, "I-I wish she could have seen how I-I've grown."

He seemed thoughtful at that.

"When I came here I couldn't look anyone in the eyes, I stuttered non stop, I couldn't work well with others and I'd never had a friend. I had my books and my familiar."

She looked up quick enough to see his smile before looking back at the wooden trail.

"I...I think I can relate to some of what you're saying."

Magnolia blushes pink, pushing her blonde curls behind her pointed ears.

"I try my best to act... somewhat differently, with different people. But I know what you're describing, rather well." a smile softly forming on his face, "I'm... so glad you're back, and glad that you did not decide to be a librarian tucked away with books."

"I know it's odd but I feel like I know you more than anyone else even if we don't talk about our pasts often.... It's odd," her chosen words brightening up his face. "I think we are a like in a lot of ways,"

"I suspect we are." He agreed. *nods slowly*

She couldn't help but sigh in relief. At his understanding of her awkward words and even more awkward feelings.

"I certainly know what it's like to have... those who are supposed to care for me... express doubt. I also know what it's like to feel the loss of a... parent... though in a different manner." His voice trailing off as he looked towards the fountain.

"It's fine if you're not ready to share, I'm here though, i-if you want to-"

They shared a warm smile as their eyes met, some understanding flickering between the two of them,

"Greetings Kin," she blinked confusion and then embarrassment soaking into her skin as Ro appeared out of nowhere, with no warning. How much had he heard? Was he listening? How obvious was she this was not-

"I... I have to admit, I've never felt like could..." his words gone like smoke.

"Not interrupting am I?" Ro's amusement clear in his voice even if she could have looked him in the face. He most definitely was. The question was she thankful was she mad, honestly she couldn't tell.

"No... it's fine. We are just conversing about... family," Azaoril explained.

"As in making one?" Ro suggested deviously. Making Magnolia want to crawl up and die from embarrassment.

"Ahem. Not quite."

What the ever living hell did 'not quite' mean?!
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