A Battle of Gods

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A Battle of Gods

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I Jor'yth Wendt, former citizen of Waterdeep, Queen's Guard of Queen Ariella of Westwood, and now guardian of her
Holy Resting Place in the village of Renvanna, write this account of her last reign and assistance to the Goddess
Sehanine Moonbow in battle with the evil rot Moander. Though my writing skills have improved, and my understanding
of all things divine, arcane and political lacking, I shall try my best to record this account.

Having witnessed in a divinely controlled dream the God Corellon Larethian create a perfect vessel, resulting in an
unholy contamination of my being, Queen Ariella and the wizard Nym have brought me to places never imagined, a Queen of
Fairies, glaciers of ice, swamps of fire, and prisons of Gods. The cost in lives heavy, perhaps rendering the enclave of
Renvanna unrecoverable. Here I record at a table in an empty hall of rangers, once graced by our Queen and her baking and
brewing. The distant voices of so many haunt this hall. But the cost has brought many good things. High battles have brought
peace with the Kobolds on our borders and fame and renown. The village, for a time, is safe and I pledge to make it safer.

The cost my being is heavy as well, as I maintain the appearance and enhancements of a drow, much hated in Waterdeep and
rejected by my family who I can never visit. Accepted, thankfully, by the dwindling remaining adult villagers. There are
no children in Renvanna, and no family prospects for me here. Merchants still come, for how long I do not know. But things
will change as my vow to my Goddess Vandria Gilmadrith will be met. I shall build a temple here to attract her warriors at a
place where her followers, myself and Ro served Her and Ro is resting eternally guarding and advising my Queen. Perhaps I can
build a training academy.

Here in Renvanna I made my vows, and was honored by Vandria Gilmadrith through my Queen with my holy accruements, some of which
were sadley lost in battle with Moander. We freed trapped elves distant in the past in this place with dream moonblade received
to Queen Ariella from Sehanine Moonbow, to learn of our past. With this blade fully charged with dream recordings of our
ancestrors we went in a final dream to free Sehanine Moonbow imprisoned by Moander. It was a long journey and with the
assistance of the House of Wonder and many others. But we reached the dream prison, myself, Ro, Queen Ariella, Laiat, a
troubled warrior hating drow, and the great wizard Nym.

In the dream we explored the prison to confront Moander, a hideous scarab with many shambling minions and hideous undead.
Surprisingly, for a time, we were met with Aelenta!!! He was just as we was when I knew him, the great scout and warrior!
Aelenta scouted for us as we battled Moander's minions, shambling mounds and undead. He battled as I remembered bravely
and with precision. But alas, he could not stay. It was nice to be reunited if only for a short time. We were faced with
3 portcullis entrances guarded by Moander and his minions, where we believed Sehanine Moonbow was barricaded against the evil

Ro, Laiat and I were to to engage Moander and keep him and his minions occupied while our wizard Nym used timestop and dimension
door to get Queen Ariella to the Goddess. Unfortunately wiley Moander figured out our plan and threw our Queen out of range. The
Goddess hid while the rest of us confronted the rot, having our armor and weapons melted by his acid. Wave after wave we charged
and were thrown back, trying to find and free Sehanine Moonbow. Finally the Goddess revealed herself to Queen Ariella and received
the Moonblade of dreams. With that renewed power Sehanine Moonbow battled Moander with a weapon he could not disolve. We aided, with
magic arrows and weapons we had left. We all aided until the Goddess of Dreams defeated the god of rot. Sehanine Moonbow was free!!!

But the vessel that took us to the dream prison to free Sehanine Moonbow could only return 3 of us. But there were 5. Ro and
I would have to stay. Then Sywyn, Queen Ariella's husband appeared to her. He extended his hand for her to stay!
No my Queen!! Please no!! Let Ro and I stay! She wanted to stay and had to choose another. Raiat had only wanted to stay if he
could haunt the dreams of drow, but the Goddess could not do that. Queen Ariella choose Ro, her most humble and obedient servant
and my mentor. Both Queen Ariella and Ro, no! I was heart broken! My life was to serve the Queen and learn from Ro!! She had saved
me and given me purpose in life!! Only visiting her in dreams was not the same!! I hid my tears and masked my absolute dispair as
Nym and Laiat and I were returned. My Holy Armor gone, and my friends in dreams.

I will uphold my vow. However long it takes. I will never leave Renavana and guard the village for as long as I live. I will guard
the sleeping forms of Ro and Queen Ariella for as long as I live. I am not sure what Nym or Laiat plan. But my drow skin curses me.
Now as I take my pickaxe and will go to the cliff wall and begin. In time there will be a grand temple to Vandria Gilmadrith that will
draw those devoted to study elven divinity and to train as her holy servants. They will visit the great shrine to Queen Ariella and the
great holy warrior Ro. They will learn of the other warriors and druids and rangers like Aelenta and Sywyn from their memorials and future
memorials. This I vow. Jor'yth Wendt, servant of Vandria Gilmadrith, guardian of Queen Areilla for the rest of my life.
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