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Located at the heart of the Adventurer's Quarter in Kerrigan's Court, the Waterdeep Adventurer's Guild has been a place for like minded Adventurers of all walks of life to pool their resources and learn from each other while sharing adventures and living with in the Guild House with it various state of the art facilities.

Guild Mistress Wren Bluefeather
The prolific elven bard has been haunting the stages of Waterdeep for years and has helpped oversee the training of several different graduating classes of Apprentice Adventurers into Journeymen Adventurers.

Assistant Guild Master Sahlus Silvershadow
An elven scout known for his willingness to work with others in need of his skill set, he has been elevated to the position of Assistant Guild Master and is responsible for helping facilitate the day to day functions of the Adventurer's Guild such as interviewing potential new members, managing the living quarters, and making himself available to those seeking him.

Journeyman Hawk
A elven champion of the Coronal of Arvandor, Hawke has always proved a stalwart ally to not only his allies but to any good peoples in need.

Apprentice Sheshe Little Eel
A fierce axe maiden of Ruathym, she wields her steel in defense of those she considers her tribe.

Apprentice Caley Chao
A warrior and a performer as comfortable in her armor as she is with a flute in her hands. She hails from Rivermoot in the Silver Marches and is a follower of The Way.

Apprentice Magnolia Loreweaver
An elven Wizard trained and studied within the hallowed halls of Candle Keep, she is now here in the City of Splendors seeking to use her mastery of Conjurations to aid her allies in battle while exploring Waterdeeps many hidden arcane truths.

Apprentice Maday le Arvin
An apprentice selected for membership by none other then the Guild Mistress Wren Bluefeather, she is an accomplished song writer, play write, singer, actor, and avid adventurer.

Apprentice Ril
An Elven Warrior who recognizes Adventurering is not a sensible pursuit, but a career he is well suited for.

Apprentice Clergy of Mystra Cael Thoranson
A Cleric of Mystra who hails from Silverymoon, Cael Thoranson has come to the Adventurer's Guild of Waterdeep to set as a missionary looking to an example for others what Mystra may mean to them in their lives. In addition to calling upon the divine in service to Mystra, he is a capable alchemist and a crafter of armor.


Apprentice Syon Le'tent
An elven native of the City of Waterdeep who is an enthusiastic miner and warrior interested in battle tactics and exploration. Sadly cut down by Ogre while fighting besides the likes of Iakri Anem'Hotep, Luva, and Sir Peartlin, within the Citadel of the Bloody Hand.

Apprentice Clergy of Lathander Mara Haler
A warrior priestess of the Morning Lord, she carries the light of the Dawnbringer into battle to defeat evil where she finds it and shield those who need it. Last known to be traveling to the Westwood to bring battle to the Kobold Tribes who prey upon travelers from the tree tops, believed to have fallen honorably in battle.


Former Apprentice Nyx
Was dismissed for her conduct and actions needlessly endangering the lives of others as well as proving most incapable of accepting personal responsibility, and criticisms.
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