A Letter to Cyrus Colton

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A Letter to Cyrus Colton

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*A letter sealed with red wax and the mark of the Red Knight is left for Cyrus Colton at the Sleeping Dragon Inn located in the Hope Valley mining Camp.*

Cyrus Colton,

I have kept an eye upon the Prawns and Staff and have seen no signs of conspiracy nor skullduggery amongst them, and in the course of due diligence have taken an inventory of the Foundry searching for your missing personal effects. After finding no sign of your belongings I began searching the surrounding streets and discovered a discarded trade box in a nearby trash receptacle with some remnants of haunspier within. I am not a trained investigator nor am I a member of the City Watch, though I have some limited experience with the criminal enterprises of the city, and if I was pressed to make a guess as to where your belongings are, I would suspect they are in the hands of a mysterious entity known to me only as R.R.

In the past R.R. has used information gathering, misdirection and well laid plans to make an easy target of myself and has since proved a most mysterious and elusive figure. I have no evidence that R.R. is the one responsible for your personal belongs having gone missing, though if you are interested in investigating the possibility, I do know there exist a connection between R.R. and an underground fighting arena located beneath the dock wards where games of blood sport are held for entertainment and wagers.

I warn that R.R. has proven to be capable and cunning, and I suspect any efforts to pursue or investigate R.R. may lead to danger and the risk of death.

If there is anything else that I may do to be of service, please leave word for me at the House of Heroes.

Pawn Xandos Klaxxan
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