Nova's Battle Prayer

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Nova's Battle Prayer

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I believe this will also be posted in Jmecha's update, but a few have asked to see Nova's prayer. I thought I would share it here.

I know we have many different faiths here… and I am not a divine for many of you here… *looks among the group gathered* but if none object, I would still like to pray for us…

*clutches a holy symbol that hangs from her chest and her hair and eyes start to twinkle* This battle we fight is not just one house against another, but many houses against a tide of darkness…

The Triad, Lord of Battles, The Lady of Strategy, The Moonmaiden, The Mother of Magic…

They are all here with us… they have sent their greatest champions *looks among them with a joyful smile* We are the rocks, the wall that will not just hold this evil at bay… but to push it back. To make it fear the light…

To strike such a blow that this evil will turn from this path and tremble to hear the tale of the hero’s that stand here this day…

We all have lost dear friends… Hans… Jed… Dorian… Sarenna… Flynn… Soosh… and many more *looks through the group and wipes a tear from her face*

When we need strength this night… think of them, our friends… their sacrifice… let it not be in vain and let us not fail where they stood strong.

*turns to look into the darkness with her hands stretch wide* this corruption… this twisted form of the weave… it’s use is the highest form of blasphemy to the Mother of Magic.

And I extend her blessings upon you all… you brave souls… you saviors of the City of Splendors… you Champions of the Prime.

May we be worthy of the duty that now sits upon our shoulders and may our prayers be heard in this place of blight.

We fight for our home… *looks over the group*

We fight for each other… *looks over the group*

We fight for the light… *looks over the group and a joyful smile beams from her*

And we WILL be victorious…
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Re: Nova's Battle Prayer

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